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Are FREQUENCY and URGENCY symptoms interfering with your life? Are you UNABLE TO SLEEP through the night? Is intimacy painful? Are you unable to work? Have you been told that your bladder or pelvic pain symptoms are “all in your head?” You are NOT alone! The Interstitial Cystitis Network provides pelvic pain education and support for:

Join our ICN Support Center to ask questions and share your story. Learn about diagnosis and the latest treatments in our Educational Resource Centers. Participate in patient surveys or clinical trials. Print out our free downloads & Medical Records Kit! Sign up to receive our free ICN E-Newsletter! Watch our popular “Living With IC” video series on YouTube. Subscribe to our magazine, the IC Optimist. You’ve found a home here at the Interstitial Cystitis Network! We’re here. We care!

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The IC Diet Simplified
The IC Diet is a very healthy, simple, natural diet. If you’re addicted to junk food, this will be a big change.

Anxiety and Interstitial Cystitis Often Co-Exist

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The Better Bladder Book
The Better Bladder Book

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Ending Female Pain
Ending Female Pain

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Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide
Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide

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A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an Interstitial Cystitis diet
A Taste of the Good Life Cookbook

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Prelief reduces bladder symptoms associated with food
Prelief tablets

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CystoProtek is a supplement that supports bladder health and GAG layer repair.

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Bladder & Prostate Friendly Chair Cushion
Bladder and Prostate Friendly Chair Cushions

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Desert Harvest Aloe
Desert Harvest Aloe

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  • I suffered with IC and PFD for about 8 years before I found a doctor who believed me and is treating me. Over those 8 years you and the IC Network were my life line and an amazing source of strength and hope and continue to be. Thank you so much for all you did and continue to do.
    Cathy, July 2014
  • I firmly believe that the Interstitial Cystitis Network has educated me more than any doctor or nurse. At times I think I’ve intimidated my doctors by the knowledge I’ve gained from the site. Your site definitely empowers all of us who suffer with this horrible disease.
    Savannah, September 2013
  • “I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the ICN and you over 12 years ago when I finally found out what was wrong with me!! I think you are doing Gods work for so many!!”
    Shelby, June 2011
  • “The ICN videos are EXTREMELY helpful, if not LIFE CHANGING. Extremely smart, well researched information. EVERY urologist office should have a big flyer advertising this website. Thank you so much for what you do!!”
    Youtube Member October 2010
  • “I really wanted to let you know how helpful the ICN website is. Having IC has been rough, but I have learned so much from your site (good tips, info, coping strategies). Way more than I ever learned from my uro! I know my symptoms have improved partly due to things I have learned from your site. Keep up the good work!”
    John A. February 9, 2010
  • “I watched a few of your videos on YouTube – on behalf of a friend who says he has suffered excruciating pain and discomfort for years. We’ve gained from your references. I just wanted to thank you for your such consummately sensible, humane help to so many others…. You are producing guidance that is clear, relevant, down-to-earth, useful and good-hearted.”
    Bruce HT. Bruce HT. (August 23, 2009)
  • “I will never be able to thank you enough for getting me through so many horrible times. I go into remission for years at a time so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. However, I’ve had a few flares in the past couple of months and I always know who to turn to in the middle of the night.Your site is better than a heating pad!”
    Ele June 16, 2008


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