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The IC Optimist is the quarterly magazine written for our ICN patient and professional subscribers. Our goal is to be encouraging and supportive, hence the title “The IC Optimist.” We are completely optimistic about the future. Research is very productive as we learn, each month, about new possible treatments. In our experience, most patients stabilize within the first six months and then slowly improve over time, dependent in great part on their dedication to following the IC diet and trying treatments. There are excellent self-help strategies that can dramatically improve your quality of life. There is no reason for any patient to feel shame or guilt. IC is real and treatable.

Spring 2012 IC Optimist Cover featuring a smiling woman

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How To Subscribe

(1) By phone: (800)928-7496 or (707)538-9442
(2) By fax: (707)538-9444
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Seven Reasons To Join Us

#1 – The ICN is here when you need us the most. You may been in pain, frightened and suffered for years. At the ICN, you will find a community of women and men who not only understand your pain but also give you hope! We believe you. We’ll never say it’s all in your head!

#2 – If you feel lonely and isolated, we can help you meet others in the ICN Support Forum. You can ask questions about your IC and gain wisdom from other patients. You are NOT alone! We’ve provided more than 30 million free support sessions to patients in need since our founding.

#3 – The ICN can help you learn about various treatments and cutting edge clinical trials. In 2011, researchers at Harvard Medical School recognized our effort and resources by naming our website one of the two highest quality websites on IC on the web today. We were the ONLY IC patient organization/website to receive this recognition from Harvard. In 2013, we were rated the TOP website dedicated to IC/BPS in a study conducted by the University of London (UK), out ranking all other IC organizations and websites for our website content and quality. The ICN strives, every day, to deliver the highest quality information on IC treatments.

#4 – When you struggle to find foods that won’t irritate your bladder, we give you the latest IC Food lists. The 2012 ICN Food List and our new iPhone and iPad application will help you select bladder friendly foods while shopping or eating out.

#5 – When you have flares, you can come to our website to learn the best flare management tips. In our Flare Resource Center, we show you the difference between a bladder wall flare and pelvic floor muscle flare (and others) , offering you strategies to reduce both types quickly and, we hope, effectively. Our printed 2011 Guide to Managing IC Flares is a fabulous resource guide.

#6 – If a medical professional tells you that IC is “all in your head” or, worse, refuses to provide any treatment or pain care, you can find more compassionate physicians in the ICN Health Professional Database.

#7 – If you need to hear a kind and compassionate voice or have questions that no one could answer, many of you call the ICN’s Patient Education phone line (1-800-928-7496) to speak with our staff (all pelvic pain patients) and/or Jill directly. In fact, we’re the only organization that offers this service. We work hard to give you the hope, encouragement and occasional kick in the pants needed to get your life back again. From employment discrimination cases to medical malpractice concerns, we share our resources and offer the best referrals that we can find.

Are you financially limited?

If you can’t afford to purchase a subscription, take heart. Remember, our entire website and support activities are free for all. We do occasionally have damaged copies of various IC books donated by publishing companies and authors that we can send, for free, to patients in need. For additional information, please call our office at: (707)538-9442.