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IC Chef Cookbook

For the past 18 years, IC patients have shared their favorite bladder recipes in our on-line recipe archive known as the IC Chef Cookbook. In April 2015, we released a new print version of the cookbook containing more than 260 bladder and prostate friendly recipes submitted by patients.

Julie Beyer MD, RDN and author of the Confident Choices® book series, contributed the foreword to the book. She wrote “For the past twenty years, Jill Osborne and the thousands of members of the Interstitial Cystitis Network Forum (www.ic-network.com/forum) have shared their journeys with interstitial cystitis, including the recipes you find in this book. This cookbook is a celebration of that wisdom and, more, importantly the empowerment that patients experience when collaborating with each other.”

If you think there are no hot beverages that you can enjoy, you’ll be intrigued by the more than 20 recipes for hot drinks included in the cookbook and, with the warm season approaching, you’ll also find recipes for frozen shakes and creamy drinks, sweet teas, smoothies and veggie drinks. If you’re sick of oatmeal for breakfast, you’ll find some fabulous new recipes perfect for a family brunch. From burgers to pizza, pasta to vegetarian ideas, there are plenty of options that should help you enjoy food again.

The book is more than a cookbook. It’s a primer on the IC diet with easy to read sections explaining why food can irritate the bladder, the most irritating foods to avoid. It includes a full list of the 2012 IC Food List along with articles on Fighting Constipation, Fatigue Fighting Foods, Foods and Chemicals and more. We hope that it gives you some great new ideas and fresh flavors to play with.

Available in four ways:

  1. Print Version – $24.99 – ICN Mail Order Center
  2. Print Version – Amazon.com
  3. Downloadable PDF file – $20
  4. Kindle (to be released shortly) – Price TBD

Looking For More Recipes? Do You Have A Recipe To Share?

Recipes are now collected and displayed in the ICN Support Forum. Once you log in, you can submit your recipes into any of the food categories listed. If you’d prefer to email your recipe, please send to: recipes@ic-network.com.

As you browse through submitted recipes, please remember that IC patients have individual (and often different) food sensitivities, particularly to acidic foods. Therefore, it is impossible to offer recipes that will agree with everyone. Always use your best judgment when trying new recipes and refer to your food diary for any potential trigger foods. If an ingredient listed is one of your triggers, just leave it out or look for a substitute that agrees with you.

The staff of the ICN would like to thank every patient who has contributed recipes. You know who you are! 😉