Interstitial Cystitis Information Center

Jill H. Osborne MA – ICN Founder

The Interstitial Cystitis Network’s goal is to educate and empower you. We want to help you understand what IC/BPS/HBS is, how to work with your medical team, the many treatment options available and, perhaps most importantly, learn the easy self-help strategies that you can do at home to reduce symptoms. We welcome you to the ICN Family! You Are Not Alone!

Basic Knowledge

  1. What Is IC/BPS/HBS?
  2. Causes – What causes IC?
  3. Symptoms – What are the symptoms of IC?
  4. Diagnosis – How is IC diagnosed?
  5. Subtypes & Phenotypes – Learn about the five variations of IC & try to determine your subtype
  6. Treatments – How is IC treated? We outline the six step treatment protocol that works!
  7. Professional Pictures of IC/BPS 
  8. Prevalence and Epidemiology
  9. Downloads Free IC Fact Sheets

Diet Modification

  • Diet – Diet modification is one of the first things that every patient must learn to avoid IC flares and pain.


  • Self Help – Learn the common, day to day, self-help tips that can help reduce symptoms and prevent flares.
  • Self-Help Blog – The latest articles on self-help from the ICN Blog

Flare Management

  • Flares – Learn the different types of flares and what you can do to treat them.
  • Pain Resource Center – Learn the best pain management tips we have to offer.

Emotional Support

IC Educational Videos & Images

  • Living with IC Video Series – Watch our latest videos about IC on flares, diet, traveling, holidays, preparing for doctors visits, family struggles and more!

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