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Jill H. Osborne MA – ICN Founder

The Interstitial Cystitis Network’s goal is to educate and empower you. We want to help you understand what IC/BPS/HBS is, how to work with your medical team, the many treatment options available and, perhaps most importantly, learn the easy self-help strategies that you can do at home to reduce symptoms. We welcome you to the ICN Family! You Are Not Alone!

Basic Knowledge

  1. What Is IC/BPS/HBS?
  2. Causes – What causes IC?
  3. Symptoms – What are the symptoms of IC?
  4. Diagnosis – How is IC diagnosed?
  5. Subtypes & Phenotypes – Learn about the five variations of IC & try to determine your subtype
  6. Treatments – How is IC treated? We outline the six step treatment protocol that works!
  7. Professional Pictures of IC/BPS 
  8. Downloads Free IC Fact Sheets

Diet Modification

  • Diet – Diet modification is one of the first things that every patient must learn to avoid IC flares and pain.


  • Self Help – Learn the common, day to day, self-help tips that can help reduce symptoms and prevent flares.
  • Self-Help Blog – The latest articles on self-help from the ICN Blog

Flare Management

  • Flares – Learn the different types of flares and what you can do to treat them.
  • Pain Resource Center – Learn the best pain management tips we have to offer.

Emotional Support

IC Educational Videos & Images

  • Living with IC Video Series – Watch our latest videos about IC on flares, diet, traveling, holidays, preparing for doctors visits, family struggles and more!

Information Centers

Welcome to the ICN! You are not alone! IC is real and treatable!

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Author: Jill H. Osborne MA
Revised: January 16, 2017
Created: 1995