What You Can Do At Home

As you explore treatments with your physician, you’ll also be exploring self-help strategies that you can use at home to reduce and, ideally, eliminate your symptoms! In fact, it’s often the little, daily things that you can do at home that make a world of a difference in easing your discomfort, relaxing your muscles, calming your spirit and finding hope in the confusion of a new diagnosis. We’ve created an extensive self-help section that is worth exploring in depth. Even the most traditional medical organization, the American Urological Association, suggests that patients explore self-help methods in Step One of their treatment guidelines. Why? Because they work.

The IC and Prostatitis Diet

Personal Care

Financial Strategies

There is no doubt that many patients struggle to receive health care and each country faces its own unique challenges. If you live in a country with socialized medicine (i.e. Canada, UK, many european countries), it may takes months to see a specialist and many treatments may not be authorized and/or available. If you live in a country where medicine is “for profit,” such as the USA, finding health insurance and/or paying for medical care and treatment can be a burden. For USA based patients, here are some resources that may help.


The ICN has an extensive “Living With IC” Video series that you can watch to help learn more about managing IC/BPS.

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