ICN Founder Jill OsborneA Note From ICN Founder Jill – If you are new to IC, I’d like to give you an important survival strategy for any support group that you visit. Most of the patients attending a group are having a tough time. Yet, for every patient having a bad day, there are thousands having great days.  So, as you participate in any group (including ours) you must keep it in perspective. What happens to one person is simply not YOUR reality. There will be patients who are struggling and patients who are living IC free.

You can make friends and meet others right now in the 24/7 ICN Support Forum, where you’ll find over 100 message boards dedicated to various IC topics. From diagnostic testing to flare management strategies, treatments for mild IC as opposed to severe IC, you’ll find thousands of discussions to participate in. The forum is led by ICN Staffer Donna and is monitored by a team of volunteer group leaders who work hard to keep our site a safe port in the storm of IC.

WooHoo!!! We Won!

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