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ICN Support Center

Jill Osborne MA – ICN Founder

Welcome to the HEART & SOUL of the IC Network, our on-line support activities. For more than twenty years, the ICN has run a vibrant and very large on-line support community, founded well before the days of Facebook. We have worked with, literally, millions of patients over the years and we take great pride in providing a safe and educational environment for you to talk about your IC symptoms.

My goal has always been to create a place where you will feel encouraged and supported. In our forum, you can ask questions, make friends and, perhaps most importantly, help others who might be struggling. Please read the Support Forum Guidelines policies. We do have rules and we are a private, calm and encouraging port in the storm of IC.

Join Our Interstitial Cystitis Forum

Join 50,000 other patients in the oldest and most reliable support forum on the web today. You can make friends and meet others right now in the 24/7 ICN Support Forum, where you’ll find over 100 message boards dedicated to various IC topics. From diagnostic testing to flare management strategies, treatments for mild IC as opposed to severe IC, you’ll find thousands of discussions to participate in. The forum is led by ICN Staffer Donna and is monitored by a team of volunteer group leaders who work hard to keep our site a safe port in the storm of IC. Enter the forum here! 

You can read all of the postings without registering in the forum.. but if you want to post your own question and/or answer someone else, you will need to register first! You’ll find that link at the top of the forum page!


Find A Support Group

Looking for an interstitial cystitis or chronic pelvic pain support group? We offer lists of all available support groups in the USA, Canada and around the world. I you have a group to list, please send us an email at: supportgrouplisting@ic-network.com

Learn How To Start A Support Group

supportgroup-resourcecenter2One of the greatest gifts that you can give to this movement is to start a support group. Support groups always begin with a motivated patient and/or family member who wants to make a difference. They developed their medical condition at various ages. They struggled with medical care. They agonized over friendships lost and family relationships strained. Most of all, they were determined not to give up. Instead of suffering in silence at home alone, these patients poured their energy into making a difference. You can to! As Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world;indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Support groups (and their leaders) are ambassadors for patients in their local communities. They work with and/or educate patients, work with local clinicians, support local researchers, coordinate IC Awareness Month activities and, perhaps, with the media, government entities and so forth. It’s immensely gratifying but shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Click here to visit our Support Group Resource Center.