How To Find A Doctor And Physical Therapist for IC/BPS

Finding a medical care provider to work with can be very difficult and it’s not unusual for patients to have seen five or more physicians before receiving a correct diagnosis. Why is it so hard? Put the blame on medical schools who simply don’t provide much education about these conditions. Throw in the fact that bladder and pelvic pain isn’t visible to the eye and it’s not surprising that many patients are given a prescription of antibiotics and then sent on their way.

As you begin your search, start with our database first. It’s small but the providers there come with high recommendations from patients. If you’re stuck with doctors in small towns, you’ll want to consider using a regional or national specialist. We share a list of the best specialists in the nation! Still no luck or if you’re struggling with something abut more specialized, check out the list of providers from other professional organizations, such as the International Pelvic Pain Society.

Want more natural approach? Fair warning. Many patients have gotten scammed by alternative providers who know little about IC and suggest hundreds of dollars of vitamins or supplements each month. You can’t assume that every provider knows what IC is. You must be skeptical, as well, of anyone suggesting that they can “cure” or “heal” pelvic pain disorders such as IC.

1. Search The ICN Professional Database (MD’s, PT’s, NP’s)

Search our own database for an international list of urologists, urogynecologists, OB-Gyn’s, Physical Therapists and Dietitians who have a strong interest in treating IC, bladder and pelvic pain disorders! Search here!

2. Local vs. Regional vs. National Specialists

Are you stuck working with a physician in your small community who just doesn’t seem to know how to diagnose or treat you? You may need to request a referral to a regional or even nationals specialists. We list the top specialists in the USA as well! Read more about the different types of specialists here.

3. Other Referral Lists

Several professional organizations have public lists of their members that are searchable on their websites. Here are our favorites.

4. IC Researchers & Clinical Trial Sites

Participating in research studies allows patients to receive cutting edge treatments and therapies currently under development, usually at NO COST to the patient. If you lack health insurance and can’t find care, this could be a way of being seen by a specialist and developing a good relationship! Learn more about clinical studies and research centers here!

5. Alternative/Integrative Health Providers

Interested in a more natural approach to treating pelvic pain? It’s very difficult to provide alternative practitioners who have a strong record of success in working with complex conditions such as IC/BPS and/or pelvic pain. There are a lot of alternative providers out there, but do they really understand what IC is? Many don’t! Learn more here!

Financially Limited?

If you don’t have health insurance and cannot afford a visit, look for local free clinics in your area. You may also qualify to receive free medical care by participating in an IC Clinical Trial.

We’re also looking for recommendations!

If you have a clinician (doctor, physical therapist, pain specialist, etc.) who has treated you well, please share their names and your experience so that we can direct other patients to them! All countries welcome! Please recommend your providers using this form!