Low Income Resource Center

When millions of families have lost their jobs, health insurance and homes, the times demand that we all look for ways to save money and to find resources until things improve. The ICN Low Income Resource Center shares resources about disability, drug assistance, home energy programs, food banks, housing, homelessness and the holidays.

Disability Information

Some IC patients have no choice but to file for disability. There are a number of different disability programs that may be applicable!

Food Programs

There’s no shame in asking for help to feed yourself, your children and your family. In fact, if you go to most food banks, you’ll see hundreds of families and senior citizens who just need a little extra help.

Home Energy

There are a number of programs that can help patients pay for gas & electricity.

Drug Assistance

Nearly every drug company has special programs that can help low income patients purchase medications and, in some cases, give them away for free.

Housing & Homelessness

It’s sad but true that some patients fear losing their homes or, worse, have lost them. Learn about resources here:

Holiday Assistance

Holidays can be tough when a family is struggling with financial problems and IC. These programs can help create a joyful holiday season.

  • Toys for Tots – Learn how to donate or request toys during the holiday season