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The ICN Survey Center provides real time data collection and analysis for researchers, graduate students and companies throughout the world who are conducting studies related to interstitial cystitis, pain management, complementary therapies, quality of life, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic floor dysfunction. We’re proud that data generated from our site has been presented at major medical conferences including the NIDDK Basic Bladder Science Symposium, ACOG, ISSWSH, AUA and others. Without you, the patient, this data would not be available! We thank you for helping us to gather this vital information!

Comforting & Soothing Foods For IC/BPS

(New! March 2018) We’ve long collected information on foods, beverages and activities that can flare IC symptoms. This survey hopes to collect information about how patients  who are diet sensitive calm and soothe their symptoms. We want to compare and contrast your experience with previous research studies that have found certain foods the most or least bothersome. But, more importantly, we’d like to hear about those foods and drinks that help you control your IC flares, especially those that soothe your bladder. We are also in the process of updating our IC Food List for 2018 and hope that you will help us by sharing any foods that are not included in the lists or food rankings that you might disagree with! Thank you for helping us to improve our dietary information! TAKE THE 2018 FOOD SURVEY

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Research & Survey Services

Dr. Stanley Zaslau presenting at AUAAre you conducting research??

Looking for the opportunity to gather data from a large population of IC patients??

We offer a variety of research services, including:

Patient Recruitment: To assist with patient recruitment, we can publicize your research studies and/or clinical trials on our website or in blast e-mails. We have done this for several research centers, including the University of Maryland.

Web Based Surveys: Since our founding in 1995, we havehosted, conducted & managed a wide variety of web based surveys. Our on-line survey system provides real-time data analysis available for you and your staff 24/7 or your raw data can be sent directly to you for analysis. Downloadable and exportable in multiple formats.

For additional information, please contact ICN President Jill Osborne