interstitial cystitis diet

Interstitial Cystitis Diet

If only we had a dollar for every well-intentioned family member or friend who encourage urology patients to drink cranberry juice because they believed it was “good for bladder problems!” Unfortunately, they are also wrong. Research has confirmed that foods and beverages high in acid and caffeine can worsen bladder and prostate symptoms in some but not all patients. Many IC’ers struggle with diet sensitivity because they have active Hunner’s lesions (i.e. a large wound on their bladder) or their bladder wall mucosal barrier has thinned due to chemical injury or estrogen atrophy. Something as simple as a daily cup of coffee or a multivitamin can provoke serious and potentially long term pain and discomfort. The interstitial cystitis diet is simple, affordable and can help reduce bladder irritation!

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Prelief Can Help Reduce Acid

A Box of Prelief TabletsFoods high in acid, such as coffee, orange or cranberry juice, chocolate, and hundreds of others, create tremendous irritation in much the same way that acid poured on a wound on your hand would feel. It hurts. Now, IC’ers are finding that taking Prelief tablets or granulate with those acid foods is a great help. A  study, Hill, et al, done on 750 IC patients in New York, confirmed that non-drug Prelief was of better help with IC pain and symptoms than any oral drug or any invasive procedure, including surgery, with few or no side-effects. Prelief is a dietary supplement that takes the acid out of foods, and does it very well. Prelief is available through many local drug stores, the Prelief website and, of course, through the ICN Shop.