Many of you may have heard about the current Green Bean Coffee Extract craze sweeping the internet. Dr. Oz dedicated an episode of his show to discuss popular weight loss trends including a promising study which showed that Green Bean Coffee Extract may help. He launched the Green Coffee Bean Project to conduct some research and encouraged his viewers to try it. Read more about at:…e-bean-project

Unfortunately, atleast two IC patients haven’t had a good experience. ICN Member DJ wrote us earlier this month after experiencing a severe flare while trying the extract. A visit to the urgent care center resulted in a clear urine culture thus ruling out a bladder infection. Shortly afterwards, her urologist confirmed that the green coffee bean had irritated her bladder and told her that she was the second patient she was treating for the same reaction to GCBE.

GCBE capsules contain high levels of “chlorogenic acid” which is normally neutralized during the roasting process. It’s this acid which they believe helps promote weight thus these supplements contain very large amounts of this acid. But, for our tender bladders, it can also result in irritation. Clearly, if just a cup of coffee can irritate the bladder can you imagine just how devastating taking a coffee extract which contains higher than normal levels of acid would be?

I believe that GCBE should be avoided by anyone struggling with IC, OAB, prostatitis and/or simple urinary tract irritation.

Have you tried it?? Please share your experience here!

Jill O.