The Canada IC support group system collapsed when the British Columbia IC Group & the Canada IC Society folded more than ten years ago. They were an excellent non-profit that provided support and encouragement for hundreds of patients under the leadership of Sandy McNicol. Surprisingly, the group did not fold because of the lack of money. It was due to the lack of volunteers who were willing to step in and help run the organization as Sandy finished out her career as a nurse. It was, honestly, heartbreaking to watch. We, at the ICN, tried to help by launching the Canada IC Information Center to assist in the transition and to give Canadian patients a home for support. That website was then folded back into the ICN website a few years ago!

We have been desperately looking for some Canadian IC patients who would be interested in starting a new national organization because, honestly, it takes a Canadian to understand the challenges that the Canadian Health Care system brings. If you’re interested in getting involved at the national level and/or have a support group that you would like listed, please send your information to:

Alberta, Canada

Calgary IC Support Group
Jeannette & Stephen –

British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver IC Support Group
Jeannette/Lisa/Amanda/Debbie –

Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Kitchener, Waterloo IC Support Group
Ann – 519-896-1778 –
Kathy – 519-570-9045 –

Ottawa Painful Bladder Syndrome Support Group
Inga – 613-839-6188
Anne – 613-733-5891