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Recent Past Issues

Because information and links often expire with time, we are only linking to the past few years of newsletters.

  • ICN Update – Late October/Early November 2018
  • ICN Update – September 2018
  • ICN Update – IC Awareness Month 
  • ICN Update – August 2018
  • ICN Update – June 2018
  • ICN Update – April 2018
  • ICN Update – February/March 2018 – New ICN Survey, Sexual Harassment due to IC, IC & Vitamin C, Talking With Family, Manuka Honey & The Bladder, ErgoErotics
  • ICN Update – December 2017 – Holiday Wishes, Fall IC Optimist, Clinging to Old Treatments Could Hold You Back, Holiday Self Help Tips, Traveling, Flares, Clinical Trials
  • ICN Update – November 2017 – Happy Thanksgiving – Our Gratitudes, When Bladder Treatments Don’t Work, How to stop a diet induced flare, IC Awareness Month Winners, Clinical Trials, ICN Survey Center & more!
  • ICN Update – October 2017 – Fire & Evacuation Notice
  • ICN Update – September 2017 – Kicking Off IC Awareness Month
  • ICN Update – August 2017 – Summer IC Optimist, New IC Video featuring Christopher Payne MD, The Latest Research, Fungi Found in Urine, IC Diet Project, Saving $$ on prescriptions
  • ICN Update – Late May/Early June – Spring IC Optimist, The Broad Picture of IC, Male Pelvic Pain Course at AUA, Clinical Trials, IC & Driving, What do you mean no tomatoes & more
  • ICN Update – March & April 2017 – The Economic Toll of Elmiron, MD & PT of the Year, Current Clinical Trials, Etc.
  • ICN Update – February 2017 – Q&A With Dr. Eliot Lander on Stem Cell Therapy & Liposomal Pentosan, Is IC an autoimmune disease?, Cold & Flu Strategies, Current Clinical Trials
  • ICN Update – December 2016 – The Best IC Book in 2o Years, Canada IC Guidelines Released, LiNKA clinical trial expands, IC Diet Project covers white chocolate, Holiday Survival Strategies
  • ICN Update – October 2016 – New IC Treatments in the pipeline, New Chronic Pain Guidelines, New Research, Interstim Revision Rates High, IC Diet Project Flavors of Fall, IC Awareness Contest Winners & more
  • ICN Update – September 2016 – IC Awareness Month
  • ICN Update – August 2016 – Lyme Disease & IC, Should IC patients drink cranberry juice, Recurrent UTI linked to menopause, Kicking Off IC Awareness Month, Nominate Your Medical Care Provider, Contests, Upcoming Patient Events, IC Diet Project, IC Optimist Released!
  • ICN Update – July 2016 – New Video IC Treatments in 2016, Consumer Alert – IC Patient Develops Aneurysm After Using  Cipro, Remarkable Patients With Pelvic Pain – Louisa Wise, The DIPP Mystery, the Latest IC Clinical Trials, Research, IC Diet Project Summer Salads, Summer Cold Drinks & more
  • ICN Update – June 2016 – New Living With IC Video, Dr. Jeannette Potts on Men With Pelvic Pain, Remarkable Patients with Pelvic  Pain – Atara Schimmel, Worse Drink for IC/BPS, IC Awareness Month
  • ICN Update – April 2016 – How Does IC Begin, Is Vaping Safe for IC, Spring IC Optimist Released, Clinical Trials, Beware the Non-Organic Strawberry!
  • LiNKA Clinical Trial Updates – March 2016
  • ICN Remarkable Patients With IC – Janice Schmidt Estate 1856 Winery – February 2016
  • ICN Update – January 2016 – 2015 Doctor and Physical Therapists Of The Year, Flares Caused By Yeast?, Patient Retreat, Clinical Trials, Supermarket Strategies, IC Friendly Restroom, Does Big Pharma Control The IC Movement
  • ICN Update – Holidays 2015 – Holiday Survival Strategies, IC Optimist Released, IC Diet Project
  • ICN Update – November 2015  – Did your IC Start After A Traumatic Event, Dr. Echenberg Expands IC Practice, IC Diet Project Thanksgiving Recipes, The Latest Research & More!
  • ICN Update – October 2015 – IC Awareness Month Recap and Contest Winners, 5 Tips For College Students With IC, New IC Clinical Trials
  • ICN Update – September 2015 – IC Awareness Month Press Release, Patient Contests, How You Can Get Involved
  • ICN Update – July/August 2015 – Have You Suffered Discrimination On The Job, Why You Shouldn’t Load up on NSAID’s For IC Flares, Prelief Changes Hands, The IC Diet Project, Survey: Does HSV Outbreak Trigger Flares, Clinical Trials, Atara Schimmels Art Project, The Latest Research
  • ICN Update – June 2015 – Barbara Flanigan and her 30 Year Quest To Discover The Cause of IC, Men With IC and Pelvic Pain Deserve Our Support, Independence Day Ideas, Clinical Trial News, The Latest Research
  • ICN Update – May 2015 – IC Optimist Released, Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Antibiotics When You Have An IC Flare, AUA 2015 Webcasts and Research Highlights, Hot Conversations in the ICN Patient Forum, Military Vets With IC, Rice Pudding
  • ICN Update – April 2015 – New IC Chef Cookbook Released, Treating IC & Pelvic Pain With Acupuncture, SSA Ruling on IC Released, Latest IC Research, Self-Help Tip: Five Step Coffee Challenge, When PFD mimics yeast infections, Melt In Your Mouth Buttermilk Pancakes
  • ICN Update – February 2015 – Elmiron Study Reveals Majority of Patients Struggle To Afford Medication, New IC Optimist Released, Latest Research, New Blogs, Newly Diagnosed Wellness Coaching, Nomato Sauce
  • ICN Update – January 15, 2015  – Three Patient Surveys, A Child With IC Needs Help, Best Moments of 2014, Research & Clinic News
  • ICN Update – December 18, 2014 – Facing The Holidays, Important Pain Survey, Multiple Sensitivities and IC May Be New Subtype , BotoxA Via Liposomes Effective, Probiotics Safety Alert, Secret Santa Sale & More!
  • ICN Update – November 18, 2014 – Pain Study Seeking Participants for a Quick Survey, Fall IC Optimist, Best Meme’s of 2014, Latest Research, Virus Linked to Hunner’s Lesions, Consumer Alerts, Has IC Kept You Home For the Holidays, Creating an IC Friendly Thanksgiving & more!
  • ICN Update – October 24, 2014 – Updated IC Treatment Guidelines, Clinical Trial & Research News, IC Awareness Month Winners, Keep Awareness Alive With Our Image Campaign, Bladder Friendly Fall Drinks, Clinic News
  • ICN Weekly Update – September 13, 2014 – IC & IBS, IBS Information Center, IC Awareness Month Progress, Infographics, Poster Contest
  • ICN Weekly Update – August 30, 2014 – IC Awareness Month Kicks Off – Ten Ways That You Can Help
  • ICN Weekly Update – August 14 – New IC Book Released, Summer IC Optimist, Vaginal Mesh Complications, IC Student Seeks Patient Life Stories
  • ICN Weekly Update – July 18, 2014 – Ten Money Saving Tips for IC/BPS Treatments, Employer Retaliation, Eosinophilic Cystitis Resource Center, MultiRight Low Acid Vitamin
  • ICN Weekly Update – July 4, 2014 – Independence Day & IC, The IC Diet Simplified, New Clinical Trials, Support Chats & Conversations, Squatty Potty
  • ICN Weekly Update – June 20, 2014 – Anxiety and IC, Bladder Video & Image Collection Updated, IBS Bowel Blues?, Support Chat’s & Convo’s, PainShield
  • ICN Weekly Update – June 13, 2014 – Happy Father’s Day, Swimming & IC: Is it Safe, Support Chat’s & Convo’s, Spring IC Optimist Released, AUA 2014 Update, Latest Research, Surveys, ICN Shop Updates
  • ICN Weekly Update – May 30th, 2014 – Allergies, Hay Fever & IC, Trips for Surviving Long Drives & Rides, Support Chats & Convo’s, Latest Research, Upcoming Events, Surveys, Fitness Sale
  • ICN Weekly Update – May 8, 2014 – Mothers’ Day Thank You, Men With IC, Ketamine Cystitis, Is Bacon IC Friendly, IC Chats & Conversations, IC Diet Project.
  • ICN Weekly Update – May 1, 2014 – Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew Apologizes, What are patients talking about, New ICN Survey: Costs of Interstim, New IC Diet Webinar.
  • ICN Weekly Update – April 24, 2014 – Tips For Working With Your Doctors, Bladder Rape by Silver Nitrate, New ICN Survey: Is there a connection between IC, Gastritis & Gastroparesis, What patients are talking about
  • April 2014 ICN E-Newsletter – Upcoming Conferences, Popular Doctors Change Clinics, The Color of Your Pee, The Latest Research, Clinical Trials, Self-Help Strategies & More
  • January 2014 ICN E-Newsletter – Two Upcoming Patient Conferences You Should Know About, The Latest Research, Clinical Trials, Cold & Flu Strategies, Find A Provider Update, Support Group Updates, Valentines Day Ideas
  • December 2013 – ICN E-Newsletter – Our Holiday Gift To You, Holiday Coping Strategies, New Book – Ending Male Pelvic Pain: A Man’s Guide, New IC Optimist Released
  • November 2013 – ICN E-Newsletter
  • October 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Fatigue Fighting Foods – Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired – White Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Horchata
  • September 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Savor The Last Days of Summer With Grilling
  • September 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Getting Vitamin C The Low Acid Way
  • September 2013 – ICN E-Newsletter honoring IC Awareness Month
  • August 2013 ICN E-Newsletter
  • August 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Farmer’s Market Summer Finds
  • July 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Cool & Quenching Summer Drinks
  • July 2013 – New IC Treatment Checklist, IC Awareness Month Kicks Off, ICA Conference Webcasts, Food Sensitivities, Latest Research, More
  • June 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – IC Friendly Summer Salads, Red, White & Blue Spinach Salad, Creamy Macaroni & Broccoli Salad, Pear & Honey Coleslaw
  • June 2013 – Take the IC Challenge, IC Friendly Summer Ideas, Conference News & Updates, Doctoral Candidate Needs Your Help, The Latest Research, ICN Receives Top Nod in Quality Study & More
  • May 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Creative Ways With Seafood
  • May 2013 – Spring IC Optimist Released, AUA 2013 Update, Clinical Trials, Blogs & more
  • April 2013 – Simply Delicious (The IC Diet Project) – Enjoy The Zing of Citrus Without The Sting. Blueberry Breakfast Casserole
  • April 2013 – Introducing Multiright, the first Low Acid MultiVitamin
  • March 2013– Winter IC Optimist Released, News, Research, Trials, Self-Help, Blogs, Videos & more
  • February 2013 – Latest News, Research, Clinical Trials, Self-help tip, Consumer Awareness, Blogs, Videos & more
  • January 2013 – Best of 2012, Restroom Access Petition, New Blogs & Videos, Research, Best Advice, Self-help & more!