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Become an ICN Member Today!

The ICN is here when you need us the most. You may been in pain, frightened and suffered for years. At the ICN, you will find a community of women and men who not only understand your pain but also give you hope! We believe you. You are absolutely not alone.

The IC Network offers three memberships for patients who are seeking the latest information on IC/BPS, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and its related conditions!  Our goal is to be encouraging and supportive, hence our member magazine title “The IC Optimist.” We are completely optimistic about the future. Research is very productive as we learn, each month, about new possible treatments. In our experience, most patients stabilize within the first six months and then slowly improve over time, dependent in great part on their dedication to following the IC diet and trying treatments. There are excellent self-help strategies that can dramatically improve your quality of life. There is no reason for any patient to feel shame or guilt. IC is real and treatable.

Membership Types:

IC Guardian Membership ($25)

A guardian is a person who cares for the welfare of others – Your $25 annual fee helps to bring support to patients who are homebound and/or lack access to a support group. You’re helping us to reach out to patients in need and of all ages. You are also helping to fund the ICN Patient Support phone line, the only resource in the country that patients can call and ask questions about their IC. This year long ICN Membership entitles you to:

  • Four new digital issues of the IC Optimist (Sent by email or downloaded from your Member Area)
  • Four recent back issues of the IC Optimist magazine*
  • ICN Flare Management Guide*
  • IC Fact Sheet series*
  • ICN Medical Records File*

Learn more or sign up here for a Guardian Membership ($25)

IC Champion Membership ($50)

A champion is a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else –  This membership helps us fund IC Awareness Month and create new educational books, articles and educational videos for the IC patient community, including the ICN Guide to Managing Flares, our ICN Diet List & Apps, the “Living With IC” video series, feature stories, self-help tips and so much more. We are incredibly proud that the IC Network has been rated the top website dedicated to IC by research studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School and the University of London. Your membership help us continue to meet these very high standards. The Champion membership entitles you to:

  • Four new issues of the IC Optimist sent by mail to your home
  • Guide to Managing IC Flares*
  • Guide to Managing the IC Diet*
  • Eight back issues of the IC Optimist magazine*
  • IC Fact Sheet series*
  • ICN Medical Records File*
  • ICN Gift Pack

Learn more or sign up for a Champion Membership ($50)

IC Hero Membership ($100)

A hero is a person who shows courage and is a central figure in an event or movement – Your $100 membership helps us look to the future of the IC movement, including collaborating with key IC/BPS researchers so that we can further the study of IC and chronic pelvic pain and the search for a cure. We aggressively support the clinical trial movement which can provide free cutting edge treatment to eligible patients. We conduct our own qualitative research surveys to help solve the many puzzles of IC. We share the latest IC research breakthroughs to the patient community. We explore how new technologies may improve patient care and quality of life, such as the IC Diet and upcoming Flare App. You’re not just helping us serve as patient guardians but you’re also helping us to champion the cause of IC patients such as IC Awareness Month. You are, simply, the heroes of the ICN. This includes:

  • Four new issues of the IC Optimist sent by mail to your home
  • ALL available back issues of the IC Optimist magazine*
  • IC Chef Cookbook*
  • Guide to Managing IC Flares*
  • Guide to Managing the IC Diet*
  • IC Fact Sheet series*
  • ICN Medical Records File*

Learn more or sign up for a Hero Membership ($100)

*Immediately available for your download of our magazine & includes all updates during your membership period. >

How To Become A Member

(1) By phone: (800)928-7496 or (707)538-9442
(2) By fax: (707)538-9444
(3) Via the ICN Shop & Mail Order Center

Are you financially limited?

If you can’t afford to purchase a subscription, take heart. Remember, our entire website and support activities are free for all. We do occasionally have damaged copies of various IC books donated by publishing companies and authors that we can send, for free, to patients in need. For additional information, please call our office at: (707)538-9442.