ICN Food List App

The Interstitial Cystitis Network  is at the forefront of creating applications for cell phones, tablets and the web that serve as informational tools for urology and pelvic pain patients and their medical care providers. The ICN Food List app is currently used by thousands of patients to make better food choices while shopping at the market or pondering a menu at a restaurant. It rates foods in three ways “Bladder Friendly,” “Try It” and “Caution.” It  contains a searchable database of more than 250 foods broken out into three categories: bladder friendly, try it and caution.

A. ICN Food List App For Android


Android ICN Food List App – Updated July 2016

B. ICN Food List App For Apple/iOS


Apple ICN Food List App – Released April 2016

Updated in April 2016, the newly updated ICN Food List app is ready to go on the latest retina display iPhones and iPads. The front page has also been simplified! Thank you to DSE Healthcare Solutions (Makes of Prelief) for sponsoring this update! Buy it now in the iTunes App Store

ICN Flare Management App

Coming soon!