If you still can’t find a doctor to treat you, please check out these professional or patient organizations for more suggestions and ideas!

Groups Dedicated to Pelvic Pain

  • International Pelvic Pain Society – Professional members of the IPPS have a strong interest in treating pelvic pain disorders including IC. This listing includes not only urologists, but also ob-gyn’s, physical therapists and more.
  • Alliance For Chronic Pelvic Pain – A group of like minded physicians, physical therapists, counselors and professionals dedicated to the treatment of pelvic pain. They offer yearly patient retreats.

Physical Therapists Trained in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Urology OrganizationsiStock_000000233199_L2

Urogynecology Organizations

Nurse Practitioners

Support Groups

  • Local IC Support Group Leaders – Your local, regional or state IC support groups can share the names of those doctors who are the most favorably reviewed and appreciated in your community.
  • Ask other patients in your region – Network with other patients in your area to find those care providers who are particularly supportive.