Our gratitude to The Gyno Show For Giving Us the Opportunity to Address Dr. Drew’s Comments About IC and Endometriosis

I want to thank Dr. Eric Heegaard and Twyla D. for spending thirty minutes talking about IC on their myTalk 107.1 radio show “The Gyno Show” last night. I had the opportunity to set the record straight with respect to Dr. Drew’s uneducated comments that IC and/or pelvic pain could be mental. We had a great time talking about the nuts and bolts of IC, such as the symptoms, how a diagnosis is made, as well as some warning signs, risk factors, diet and the growing problem of ketamine cystitis. We don’t see major radio stations covering IC and/or pelvic pain in depth very often.. so this was a fabulous opportunity! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Dr. E!

Listen To The Gyno Show Podcast Here

The IC discussion starts at 13:15 in the broadcast!



Your thoughts?? Did I do it right?

Jill O.