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Could IC Flares Be Caused By Candida?

New Research Study Finds Higher Rates of Candida Rather Than Bacteria During IC Flares One of the biggest challenges that both patients and physicians struggle with are the sudden, often unpredictable, flares which occur in most IC patients. Why do they occur? How do they occur? Are bacteria involved? Are they caused by eating the [...]

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Got IC & Scoliosis? New Study Finds A Gene Responsible For Familial Scoliosis

I've often said that if there was one medical condition that I could fix first, it would be the scoliosis I developed in Junior High. I'm supposed to be an inch taller but, instead, I have a nicely balanced "S" curve in my spine that few can see. I often get back pain and muscle [...]

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Anxiety and Interstitial Cystitis Often Co-Exist

By Jill H. Osborne MA, ICN President (June 19, 2014) It might surprise you to learn that anxiety is a strongly related condition to IC and pelvic pain. It was the human genome project which made the connection. Researchers trying to determine which section of the human genome correlated with anxiety discovered that a large, [...]

IC Strongly Associated With Vulvodynia, Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Do you have vulvar pain in addition to your IC? How about a history of endometriosis? Struggling with tight pelvic floor muscles? You are certainly not alone. We've long known that there was a connection between IC and other conditions of the pelvis. Researchers in Italy gathered the essential incidence data demonstrating that a diagnosis [...]