I’ve often said that if there was one medical condition that I could fix first, it would be the scoliosis I developed in Junior High. I’m supposed to be an inch taller but, instead, I have a nicely balanced “S” curve in my spine that few can see. I often get back pain and muscle knots that are correlated with my curves and my physical therapist believes that this has also influenced my pelvic floor muscles which are much more sensitive on my left side.

Here’s a fascinating new research study which has isolated an actual gene, the POC5 gene, as being responsible for idiopathic scoliosis. What I appreciate about this study is the crystal clear message that patients didn’t ask for the condition nor did we do something that caused it. Rather, it appears that we inherited a gene from our ancestors that caused it.

Please share this with any family members or friends who have scoliosis!