Do you hide your IC from family and friends? Do you say “I’m fine” even when you’re not?

It's Okay To Tell People You're Not OkayA man with IC was told by his urologist NOT to tell anyone that he was experiencing severe bladder pain. The attitude was “be a man” and, for a couple of years, this courageous IC patient suffered in silence never showing that he was in pain. But then, one day, he just couldn’t. He desperately needed and DESERVED the support of his family and friends.

I don’t believe that we should hide our IC. I don’t believe that we should minimize it and tell people “we’re fine.” We need to be honest, forthcoming and remember that we deserve the love and care of our families too. What we must remember, though, is that they might not understand it. They might not get it. But, you have the right to say “I need your help. I need your support.”

Your thoughts?