A New ICN Survey

(March 2017) The pain of interstitial cystitis has been rated equivalent to cancer pain using the McGill pain scale in various research studies. Yet, despite what can be very intense pain, many patients have been struggling to receive pain treatment or denied pain medication. With the 2016 release of the CDC Guidelines on the use of opiate medications, IC patients who have used pain medication successfully and moderately are now finding their medical care providers reluctant to renew prescriptions.

In the past six months, we’ve had dozens of patients call our office seeking help. In several cases, their doctors had retired or relocated and they were unable to find a physician to take over their pain care. Others have reported urologists who had become too afraid to prescribe pain medication over the fear of a DEA investigation. Tragically, some have used moderate levels of opiates only to have their next prescription denied, forcing them into severe withdrawals. With drug rehabilitation services costing well over $10,000, these patients are forced to undergo withdrawals at home without medical supervision.

In this new ICN survey, we ask some important questions. Have you used pain medication successfully? Have you been suddenly denied your pain medication? Were you able to find another care provider to help you? How have you been treated? Have you found any OTC pain medications helpful? Have you tried medical marijuana?

Please help us gather this important data and TAKE THE PAIN SURVEY. No personal identifying information will be captured. We just ask for your age and country at the end of the survey.

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