One of the consistent themes you’ll see in discussions of the IC diet is the importance of avoiding foods that are heavily processed, preserved or enhanced with chemicals. Why? Not only are some of these flavorings and preservatives potentially harmful and carcinogenic, but processed foods are heavily linked with chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Is there a link with bladder disease as well?? We think it’s possible! There is no better way to nourish your body and create an environment for healing than by eating simple, fresh and ORGANIC vegetables and meats!

Chipotle’s new video makes this point perfectly and is worth a watch. It’s one of the most entertaining, beautifully produced and animated videos we’ve ever seen!

The Scarecrow from Goodvertising on Vimeo.

Here’s another life changing documentary about the oversaturation of sugar and refined foods in our diets, especially OUR CHILDREN’s diets. If you find yourself tired, depressed, gaining weight and struggling with life… this could be a very positive change in the right direction. And, honestly, after watching it, you should be INFURIATED that the food processors are manipulating our diets sooo badly to create an addiction to sugar so that we will buy MORE of their foods. We’ve got to stop this! Say NO to fast and junk food! I double dog dare you to watch this and not be profoundly moved to take back control over your food.