When Nicole Cozean released her book “The Interstitial Cystitis Solution” in 2016, we knew that she was dedicated to the treatment of not only IC but also pelvic pain. She is one of the few Board-Certified pelvic physical therapists in the country and opened her Orange County CA clinic, PelvicSanity, to “restore sanity for patients caught between conflicting diagnoses and ineffective treatments.” Clearly, her patients love her. Dr. Cozean received 25% of the total votes cast in the 2017 best physical therapist of the year campaign.

Dr. Cozean received her doctorate in physical therapy from Chapman University and holds an undergraduate degree in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego. She completed a Fellowship in urogyenocological physical therapy at UCI and has received more than 300 hours of pelvic health continuing education.

She also heads the Medical Program of the East Africa Partnership, a charitable organization that has opened and operates more than 40 medical dispensaries in rural areas of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  She has led multiple medical mission trips and lectured extensively on physical therapy throughout East Africa.

On behalf the IC community, we proudly name her the 2017 IC/BPS Physical Therapist of the Year.

 Two  nominations and patient success stories stood out:

  • When I started physical therapy with Dr. Cozean in January of 2017, I had all but given up hope for ever living a normal life again. I had been suffering with IC very intensely for nearly three years without a day’s relief. I couldn’t concentrate to work (I’m an author), I could barely sleep, and I had to rush off to the bathroom about 20 times a day. I had tried Elmiron for over two years at the highest dosage, without any relief whatsoever; of course, I followed (and still follow) the IC diet. But nothing helped. I was considering applying for disability, and just spending the rest of my life trying to do my work while in bed, with a heating pad on my bladder. On my first meeting with Dr. Cozean, she gently reassured me that there was hope, and that it was possible that I could even achieve almost total relief within six months or so if I stuck to the IC diet, attended PT weekly, and followed other practices she recommended, such as doing certain stretches for the upper and inner thighs, not carrying heavy items to one side (like groceries or a purse, so as not to disturb the delicate balance of the pelvic floor), not wearing heels, sitting on a pillow, and practicing deep breathing. As Dr. Cozean would massage the areas that she’s focussing on, she’s careful to let me know exactly what’s going on inside my body, so that there are no mysteries, which helped to alleviate some of my stress concerning the pain. (Due to her thoughtful explanations and thorough answers to my abundant questions, I now have an excellent understanding of how PT works to stimulate the nerve endings in the areas massaged, to send “healthy” signals back to the bladder, which over time interrupts the “feedback loop” of pain signals, which had been intensifying my bladder pain.) Lo and behold, within six months of weekly physical therapy with Dr. Cozean, my pain was (as predicted), with the exception of a rare, occasional, and very brief, light flare–GONE!! . . . I’ve got my life entirely back!! This means that I can travel again, and go places and be with people in complete comfort. Dr. Cozean also made sure that I understood how to properly massage myself, so that I could maintain my excellent state of health no matter where I go in the world . . . which is particularly helpful, because I intend to write a book, the research for which involves moving to Italy, which is one of my life’s greatest dreams. . . . It’s a dream which I can now actually go and live, entirely thanks to Dr. Cozean!! – EL
  • I am a long-time IC patient who was suffering from a very stubborn IC flare late last year in December, 2016. Those of us who are in constant pain know that we are also constantly looking for someone/something to help relieve the relentless pain that tends to linger longer than it should when you have IC. And so my relentless search for yet another “thing” that could possibly end the ceaseless flare I was encountering lead me to Nicole Cozean’s book–The Interstitial Cystitis Solution. As luck would have it, it turned out Nicole’s office was only 45 minutes from where I live so after reading her book I called the office and got a late afternoon appointment. Who would know that this late afternoon appointment would send me to a pelvic floor physical therapist who would edge out the flare with a great deal of care and knowledge–and keep the flare away!!!!! My 10 visits to Nicole ended in the spring of 2017 because I had accomplished the unthinkable–I was pain-free! There are very few pelvic floor physical therapists who have Nicole’s expertise. This expertise comes from the fact that she is highly qualified to do her job! She is a PT, a DPT, a WCS, and, a CSCS! These initials combined with her innate ability to expertly provide a weary IC patient with the knowledge that the pain will cease after she expertly follows a protocol that leads to a pain-free life. It was my great luck to find this simply wonderful therapist and I sit here–pain-free–enthusiastically nominating Nicole Cozean as Physical Therapist of the year! – RN

There were many other wonderful nominations:

  • I‘ve had several Chiropractors, PT’s and specialists try to treat me over the years, and none were able to give me solid answers or help me. Eventually the pain was unmanageable, and no one could help me until I started with Nicole at Pelvic Sanity. She is by far the most dedicated and determined therapist I have ever come in contact with, including the specialists. She refused to give up on me, and a year later I feel like I’m finally getting my life back. The entire team is great, but Nicole is the most dedicated, educated, motivated and positive PT I’ve ever come across. – MH
  • Nicole is a wonderful Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. I have severe pain due to my Endometriosis and was recommended Pelvic Floor PT to relieve the symptoms. I was concerned about choosing the right therapist as there are so many bad ones out there. In a few sessions, Nicole took me from being in severe pain (8 or 9 out of 10) throughout the day, to reducing my pain significantly, where i can function in a normal capacity on a daily basis. She also has a wonderful bedside manner, putting a patient at ease during such an intimate treatment. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone with Pelvic Floor issues. – DI
  • No doubt Nicole saved my life. My pelvic floor pain was so severe I could barely walk. I was so desperate I’d agreed to a major surgery which only resulted in worsening of my pain. I miraculously found my way to Nicole and not only did she start my body on the road to healing but equally as important, she assuaged my fears, kept me from giving up hope and ultimately helped me heal my broken spirit.-KQ
  • In dealing with pelvic organ prolapse and nervous about therapy, I was quickly at ease with Dr. Cozean. Not only is her knowledge immense and explains your situation in everyday language, she makes a great difference in my symptoms. Even at her young age, she is highly qualified to be named Physical Therapist of the Year! – KT
  • I’m nominating Nicole because when nobody else could find or believe my pain she did. She is beyond knowledge and has given hope and healing to so many. She is 1 of less than 350 board certified in her field. She is truly an innovator and a healer. – K
  • Nicole’s attention to detail and focus on treating the whole patient. Her dedication to continued education and the success of her patients. – JK
  • Nicole has such an extensive knowledge pelvic floor. If one thing doesn’t work she knows another way to go about treament. She is personable, attentive and intuitive. I have been to many other therapists and no one does as thorough a job as Nicole.- PF
  • Dr. Cozean leadership and rigor towards her missions and values, and her hard works in women’s health is the reason why she deserves therapist of the year and more. She is a tremendous voice for women struggling to find healing. Dr. Cozean has brought her patients exceptional care, with holistic treatment options, and genuine compassion. Dr. Cozean is not just a therapist, she evolves herself by having the willingness to grow her knowledge and provide vital sources. She is an amazing human being . As a women who went through a life changing pelvic trauma, I see Dr. Cozean as my life saver and I see pain and healing in a different light because of her influence and treatments. This is why Dr. Cozean should be therapist of the year . – ER
  • Nicole evaluated my pelvic floor after receiving a diagnosis of IC. She treated me with physical therapy and gave me home exercises and stretches. Within 8 weeks I was pain free! It has been over 3 months since Nicole treated me, I do routine exercises and stretches and self PT on my pelvic floor. I am still pain free and am so thankful for Nicole and her clinic! – JL
  • Nicole Cozean is not only fantastically knowledgeable about interstitial cystitis (& other pelvic floor disorders) but she is also THE most skilled pelvic floor therapist in practice today. Top it off with a genuine concern for her patients and a great sense of humor and she makes every appointment with her a true pleasure! Nicole is the Best! – GB
  • Dr. Cozean is the most caring, knowledgeable Pelvic Floor PT I have ever met. She truly wants to help heal her patients by listening & is truly an expert in her field. It’s not emotionally easy for everyone to go for Pelvic Floor therapy but she has a special way of making even the most uncomfortable situation manageable. Always upbeat with a smile & a listening ear. She is also on the ICA board & has written the IC Solution which has been an amazing tool for diagnosed IC patients. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Cozean! Always giving hope when needed that things will & do get better. – EO
  • My IC journey started 13 years ago, when I was 9 years of age, I did not get the right diagnosis until I was 20 years of age! After I read the book (IC solution) which published by Dr. Nicole Cozen & Jessy Cozen I decided to travel to her to help me with IC symptoms. I nominate the DPT Dr. Nicole Cozen to be a doctor of the year because:
    I suffered a lot from understanding the IC before I read her book (IC Solution), After the appointments with Dr. Nicole, I got a great improvement for IC symptoms also on the last appointment she wrote for me words to encourage me to continue with hope, optimism, and accept the life with IC. Really, I Can’t thank Dr. Nicole enough! I highly recommended Dr. Nicole for IC Patients and her book ( IC Solutions). – EA

Contact Information

Nicole Cozean PT, DPT, WCS, CSCS
PelvicSanity Inc. 
25401 Cabot Rd., Suite 121
Laguna Hills, CA  92653
(949) 393-1113