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Popular IC Treatment Price Drops While Another Now Under Mylan Pharma Control

Hep-Lido-A Price Drops Dramatically

It’s not every day that you get a message from a company announcing that a price for a vital IC therapy has gone down but, believe it or not, it happened! Hep-Lido-A, the most popular bladder instillation in use for the treatment of interstitial cystitis, now costs just $25 per treatment. It was originally $90 per dose. That’s roughly an 80% decrease in price.

Produced by Imprimis PharmaceuticalsHep-Lido-A* is a compounded formulation of heparin and lidocaine that is instilled directly into the bladder as an immediate treatment option for patients with IC/PBS. In past years, many physicians made their own custom formulas and/or had patients blend ingredients for use with home instillations. Patients often complained about the cost of each individual ingredient, including a recent months long shortage of heparin.

Hep-Lido-A comes pre-mixed and packaged in a single kit. It’s ideal for patients who are doing home instillations and for doctors who don’t have the time to make custom instillations. It also reduces the potential for errors.  This is fantastic news!

Learn more about Hep-Lido-A at: http://www.defeatic.com

CystoProtek Now Under The Control of Mylan Pharmaceuticals! Yikes!

We are NOT thrilled to share that the supplement CystoProtek has fallen into the hands of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the most unpopular pharmaceutical company in the USA at the moment due to their dramatic increase in price for the Epipen. Yes, it’s THAT company.

Mylan purchased Meda Consumer Health, the company that has US distribution rights for CystoProtek, on August 5, 2016.  We can only hope that they will not increase the price of this very popular and helpful supplement.

CystoProtek is still available through the ICN Shop. We get shipments each week and it frequently sells out.

We’ll try to keep you posted about any announcements or changes but, often, we’re the last to hear about product changes.




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