• Yes, I bought them about a month ago, and have been taking them daily. No problem so far! My ophthalmologist will be happy!" – DD
  • I bought it as soon as it came out! I love it. I have no trouble!" – SC
  • I’ve been using it and it has worked well for me… Thanks" – MG
  • I’ve been taking the multi for awhile now with no flares." – AB

Six weeks ago Farr Laboratories launched MultiRight Multivitamin Complex, a new "Low Acid" Multivitamin designed specifically for people who struggle with acid sensitivity. The great news is that it’s getting rave reviews! We’ve only had one patient call to report that it irritated their bladders out of the hundreds of bottles sold!  So, if you’re looking for a multivitamin, we think this is worth trying.  It’s very affordable at just $6 per month!

NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon.com & the ICN Mail Order Center or by phoning 1-800-928-7496.