If you miss your coffee and are frustrated with its ability to irritate your bladder or gut, we have three new, exciting ones for you to try from  The Bella Rosa Coffee Company. For many years, we all assumed that it was the overall pH or acid level of coffee that was the trigger for our symptoms. However, research by Dr. Takayuki Shibamoto, Distinguished Professor at the UC Davis Department of Environmental Toxicology, has found that one specific acid, chlorogenic acid, causes the majority of acid irritation and bitterness seen in most conventional coffees.The secret to calming acid sensitivity is to look for a coffee that is low in chlorogenic acids.

The Bella Rosa Coffee Company produces the lowest levels of chlorogenic acid in the industry because they developed a patented roasting method that relies on hot air rather than hot steel. Their organic coffees contain several hundred times less CA than industry standard (.00171 ml of CA vs. 6mg per ml) which have made them far more appealing to those who struggle with acid sensitivity. Ironically, that wasn’t their original intention. After starting their company, many customers called them back to say that their coffee didn’t cause stomach upset. Curious, they dove into the research, found Dr. Shibamoto’s work and had their coffee tested. Their roaster is a marvel at reducing the most irritating acid in coffee.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce this for those who would like to try coffee again. Of course, if you’re in a flare, we think you should avoid all coffees until your bladder has calmed down. But, if you’re able to enjoy a cup or two, you might find this coffee the most bladder friendly on the market today. And, the company has provided some RARE samples for our members to try too! Just $2.99 for you try to a pot and see if it agrees with you!

Bella Rosa DECAF

Made with 100% organically certified, non-GMO and fair trade beans from Chiapas Mexico, the product of an organic co-operative formed over 20 years ago by 5 tribes of indigenous and eco-conscious Mayan Indians. It has a lovely rich aroma flavor with notes of milk chocolate, tahitian vanilla and sweet butter caramel. 99.9% caffeine free! Great both hot and/or as an iced coffee.

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Made with 100% organically certified, non-GMO and fair trade beans from Ethiopia, Columbia and Mexico. It has a lovely rich aroma and flavor with notes of dark chocolate, plum, manzanita honey and loam which combines to create a smooth, rich, easy drinking anytime coffee. It contains half the caffeine of their regular coffees and is gentle on your system. Great both hot and/or as an iced coffee.

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Made with 100% organically certified, non-GMO and fair trade beans from Sumatra and Chiapas Mexico. It has a tangy start followed by a little white paper and sweet butter caramel on the finish. If you like Mocha Java, you’ll LOVE Morning Star. This is their best selling blend. This is CAFFEINATED! Great both hot and/or as an iced coffee.

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Want to try a SAMPLE?

Bella Rosa produced about 200 samples of their DECAF coffee that we can offer to you for just $2.99. We’re thrilled that you can try a small amount first to see if you like it! Order Samples here!