We are very pleased to announce that Sarah Conley PT, DPT & WCS (Conway Regional Health System) has been awarded the 2016 Physical Therapist of the Year. Votes were collected throughout Fall 2016 as part of the international IC Awareness Month campaign. We asked  patients to nominate both physical therapists and doctors who treated them with compassion, kindness and professionalism. Hundreds of votes were then tabulated during the first part of 2017.

Sarah’s first nomination speaks volumes about her care and treatment of patients struggling with pelvic pain.

Sarah Conley believed I probably had IC from my symptoms and muscle tone from the first visit I had with her. She was the first healthcare professional to validate my pain and give me HOPE after MULTIPLE doctors had told me there was nothing wrong with me. She started me on the IC diet and made therapy as comfortable as possible. Not only did she give me great treatment, but never once doubted my pain, never once dismissed any of my concerns, answered all of my questions, gave me more information voluntarily, worked with finding me new doctors that could help, encouraged me on her on her personal time, and gave me a friendship I so desperately needed at the lowest point in my life. She tries her best to keep up with the latest information and techniques and the few times my symptoms would stump her, she would research them until she could give me a full explanation and then some. She was also the first person-and believe me I have been to my fair share of gynecologists-to discover my uterine prolapse…. She makes me feel safe, like any healthcare professional should, but unlike so many I have seen. She will forever remain the Physical Therapist of The Year to me because she cared. She got me to where I am today and with the perfect IC team. – LB

Her treatment of this patient is truly exceptional. Sarah believed her. Sarah showed her kindness and compassion after many clinicians did not. Sarah brought excellent skills to the table and, when stumped, did the research which gave that patient hope and relief of her symptoms. Simply put, Sarah was the best of the best in the world of IC & pelvic pain care.

We are delighted to present Sarah Conley with the “2016 Physical Therapist of the Year” award for her care of men, women and children with IC/BPS, pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.

About Sarah

Sarah is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas Doctor of Physical Therapy program and has a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. She was introduced to pelvic floor rehabilitation while she was in physical therapy school and immediately knew she had found her calling.
Sarah has over six years of clinical experience and has earned her board certification as a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist.

Her clinical interests are in Women’s Health Physical Therapy, including treatment of OB and postpartum pain, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, urinary and fecal incontinence, abdominal pain, and constipation. She is a leader in her field, and there are some patients who literally hours to be treated at the Specialty Clinic.

Outside of the clinic, Sarah and her husband are very involved in church activities and foreign missions. She is the mother of three sons, and considers herself a cupcake connoisseur.

Contact Information:

Sarah Conley PT, MPT, CWD
Conway Regional Speciality Therapy Clinic
2200 Ada Avenue, Suite 200
Conway, Arkansas 72034
Phone: 501-513-5108
Website: http://www.therapyandrehabsolutions.com/