The 2015 Physical Therapists of the Year ARE

During the 2015 IC Awareness Month campaign, we asked patients to nominate compassionate, knowledgeable care providers for our first annual “Doctor” and “PT” of the year awards. We received dozens of excellent nominations for physical therapists and wish we could have honored every single one of them. Our committee couldn’t pick just one. Three physical therapists will co-share the honor this year.

Karin I. Westlin-Boyer PT – Intermountain Health Care Physical Therapy (Salt Lake City, UT)

westlinboyerKarin Westlin-Boyer is empathetic, sensitive and responsive to the needs of her patients. But what caught our eye is that she, at no charge, made a trip to this patients cardiologist with her as they explored the pros and cons of using TENS therapy on her pelvic floor. It is incredibly rare to see a health care provider take this step. Karin changed the life of the patient who nominated her, who wrote:

Karin has been by far, the best person I could have seen for my IC and pelvic floor disorder. I had been everywhere in search of someone who knew exactly what IC was, was willing to treat it, and was empathetic and attentive to their patients’ needs. I went and saw Karin in a very desperate state. She was attentive, empathetic, she listened, she cared, she researched with me, gave me books to take home, she went beyond the extra mile to help me. And she did. It’s thanks to her that I have a fabulous daily routine of exercises that keep my pelvic floor in check. She is absolutely brilliant, always learning and wanting to know more, which I believe is what makes her such a fabulous specialist. There was one point in my treatment when she wanted me to try using a TENS Unit. This unit sends electrical shocks through your tissues to loosen them up and get blood flowing to the area of pain. We couldn’t start the treatment until I made a trip to my Cardiologist and ran some tests to make sure the TENS unit wouldn’t interfere with my pace maker. Karin, without being asked OR PAID, asked if she could come with me. She was there the whole time, asking questions, expanding her knowledge, and offering lots of support. She really, really cares about her patients and I will never forget what she did for me. I owe her more than I could ever give.

Karin also practices PT in a state which has offered few in the way of resources for patients in need. IC and pelvic pain patients in the Rocky Mountain area have often struggled to find care providers. We’re glad that they can receive outstanding care from Intermountain Healthcare Physical Therapy.

Contact Information:

LiVe Well Center – Salt Lake City
389 S 900 E
Salt Lake City UT, 84102
Phone: 385.282.2700
Website: Intermountain Healthcare

Jennifer Rutkowski MPT – Excel Sports & Physical Therapy (St. Louis, MO)

rutkowskiWhen a child struggles with pelvic pain, they are often ignored or disregarded by medical care providers who suggest that it’s a way of seeking attention or that the child will grow out of it. For decades, children with IC have received minimal care and for those who might have a pelvic floor dysfunction, care has been virtually non existent. Jennifer Rutkowski earned this recognition for her compassionate care of a young girl with IC. Read the grateful nomination made by a parent:

After 5 years of having our 9 year old misdiagnosed Jennifer suggested we explore an IC diagnosis for Isabella. Ironically at our next Dr.’s visit they confirmed her suspicion and Jennifer has been amazing with not only Isabella’s physical needs but also her emotional needs as this disease has taken a toll on her. She helped us do lots of research on therapies that will work for Isabella and is helping us with research on a National Dr to further help us with a course of treatment. We absolutely love her and I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done for Isabella!

Contact Information:

Excel Sports & Physical Therapy
11709 Old Ballas Rd., Suite 205
Creve Couer, MO  63141
Phone: 314.991.0480

Rhonda Fiorillo MPT, WCS, PRPC – Back in Motion Physical Therapy (Reno, NV)

fiorelloPatients in rural areas and small towns struggle with medical care providers who are often behind the times, especially in the rapidly evolving treatment of interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain. Physical therapist Rhonda Fiorello offers pelvic floor physical therapy services for MEN and WOMEN in Reno, Nevada and the many surrounding small towns and communities. Her clinic has also started a support group for pelvic pain. Read her nomination:

I am nominating Rhonda Fiorillo for Physical Therapist Of The Year because I believe she is very deserving of this honor. Rhonda treats me and my family members with the utmost respect. No matter how busy her practice is, she always makes the time to listen and address my questions and concerns. She takes time to explain treatments and how they are helpful. Most importantly she gives me emotional support and hope that my quality of life will get better, and it has since I began treatments with her this year. I live in a small community where there are currently no other Physical Therapists that have the additional certification (PRPC – Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification) and wealth of training and experience that Rhonda Fiorillo has in treating many types of conditions. Her practice specializes in the evaluation and treatment of urological, gynecological, obstetric, and musculoskeletal conditions. Although her specialty says women’s health physical therapy, she also treats men as well. I like that she works with her patients in a private and healing setting. It makes me feel calm, and relaxed while receiving treatments. I’m currently being treated by Rhonda for chronic IC and PFD (Interstitial Cystitis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction). Rhonda’s treatment plan for me has helped to begin reducing my pain and is helping to improvie my overall quality of life. She has been very generous in loaning me her books on various topics related to my disorders which is enabling me to investigate other potential sources that could be contributing as well to my pain. Rhonda is such a kind, caring, and compassionate PT, she is working to start a support group, as none currently exist here. I truly believe that Rhonda Fiorillo is deserving of this honor because of the care she takes in treating her patients and her willingness to make a difference for people in our community.

Contact Information:

Back in Motion Physical Therapy
10789 Double R Blvd Suite 100
Reno, Nevada 89521
Phone: 775.746.2206