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Men With IC/BPS Speak Out – Tom’s Story With Interstitial Cystitis

(Editors Note - The plight of men with interstitial cystitis has never been fully told due to the misperception that IC/BPS is a woman's condition. In our Spring 2013 IC Optimist, we published a dozen stories from men struggling with IC. A professional chef, Tom's story shares how difficult it can be for men to [...]

Got IC or Pelvic Pain? Jennifer Fariello MSN CRNP Shares Tips on Working With Your Doctors

[break] [hr] [break] Editors Note - Most urology clinics have a nurse practitioner who works on the front line with IC patients who are struggling with flares and need treatment. The best ones are those who are kind, compassionate and interested in their patients. Jennifer Yonaitis Fariello MSN, CRNP  has been a veritable angel to thousands of [...]

Why It Hurts Down There – Prevention Covers Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Prevention Magazine released a fabulous article, "Why It Hurts Down There", which discusses how pelvic floor dysfunction can be the cause of many pelvic pain conditions, such as IC, vulvodynia, constipation and so forth. It shares two compelling patient stories who, after many physician visits, finally discovered that the pelvic floor muscles, specifically pelvic floor [...]

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Help for Pelvic Pain Sufferers

Help for Pelvic Pain Sufferers - Physiotherapy specialists provide relief for pelvic floor pain Newswise — In the fall of 2012, Barbara was enjoying the fruits of a successful career in the arts, an active social life, and good health, which included spinning classes, yoga, and swimming. Then a routine bladder infection set off a [...]

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