First Place – Erin Dryburgh

This poster might look simple at first but it conveys everything we need a poster to say. It talks about symptoms. It proudly proclaims that we are more than our IC symptoms and frustrations. And, with that very clever blank name tag, it becomes a great educational tool that patients can use in our 2016 campaign. We can see patients taking selfies holding this poster up with their name filled in. We can visualize hundreds of posters being posted in doctors offices. We can even see one big poster where every IC patient in an office or support group is invited to sign it! Thank you Erin!!!

Erin will receive a Kindle Fire as her prize for this compelling poster that will work well in next years campaigns.

We would like to thank Dr. Matthew Clark and the IC Vitamin Source for sponsoring the prizes 


Second Place – Peggy McKay

We love patients who create new, unique works of art. This remarkable entry is hand drawn and
the patterning in the bladder is called Zentangle (a form of art). It was meant to be visually interesting and the “heart” of all our problems 🙂


Third Place – Eva Lea –

We love the message in our third place winner. Stay Strong, Stand Tall & Hope For A Cure!
The colors and design made this a strong contender for the winner!