Our Editorial Policy

Health Content Development

The great majority of health content at the IC Network is original content developed by the Interstitial Cystitis Network staff and/or volunteers, including experienced medical journalists and editors. Topics are presented based on their importance to interstitial cystitis, pelvic pain, overactive bladder and prostatitis. Ideas for topics are generated by staff, medical experts associated with the ICN, and our consumers.

The editorial staff carefully researches each topic in-depth to determine the most appropriate information to present to the consumer. Research includes consulting primary and secondary sources and may include consultation and interviews with medical experts. Medical experts consulted for content background are associated with respected academic institutions and/or respected professional associations.

Several sections of our website allow patients to share their personal stories and experiences with IC, including in the ICN message boards, live chats and our patient stories section. In these circumstances, and due to the live nature of the web, the ICN staff cannot review submissions for accuracy. The posts, stories or chats reflect the perspective and opinion of the poster and not the IC Network. Under no circumstance should any patient rely on other patient submitted materials as medical advice. We always recommend and suggest that patients discuss their personal medical care with a medical professional. (See ICN disclaimer for more detailed information on this topic)

The IC Network retains complete editorial control of all health content. In the event that the development of health content is supported by a third party, content remains objective and in full control of the IC Network. The ICN does not permit third-party sponsors to control content development. Information about treatment options is written and published by the IC Network and is presented in a balanced, comprehensive manner.

Medical Review of Health Content

Once content is written, our goal is for the information presented to be accurate, current, easy to read and appropriate. In the case of our guest lecture transcripts, the content is submitted to the lecturer for their review and editing. In the case of other sections, the content is reviewed by ICN staff and/or various medical experts for their content.


When available, a link to a list of references may be found in various sections of the IC Network. These references are sources that our staff has consulted to develop the content. Our sources are generally:

  • Not older than one to two years from the date of posting on the ICN websites
  • Peer-reviewed reputable medical journals; publications and/or web sites of leading consumer health advocacy organizations, federal agencies, and academic institutions.
  • Books published by respected medical experts and/or academic medical centers.

Treatment options presented within the content at the IC Network and affiliated web sites are meant for information purposes only and not as a substitute for medical advice. The IC Network does not endorse or promote any product, device, or medication that may appear within any discussion of treatment options. Efforts are made to present to the reader all treatment options available. Whenever possible, additional information about claims relating to the benefits or performance of specific medical treatment options presented within the content is available via a link to appropriate reputable sites, such as PubMed.

Updating Health Content

Content at IC Network is updated regularly. The date content was created and last updated may be found on each page.

Updating Editorial Policy

The IC Network reserves the right to update the Editorial Policy from time-to-time. It will post revisions at the site.

Revised: January 26, 2014