Natural, OTC Neutraceuticals Suggested For Bladder Health

In 2011, the leading urology association in the world, the American Urological Association (, published their first Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of IC/BPS. Using a six step treatment protocol, they encouraged patients to start with Step One (self-help strategies, diet modification and OTC nutraceuticals) BEFORE proceeding to Step Two, Three, Four and so forth. Why? Self-help strategies have few side effects, are far more affordable and are well known to improve bladder symptoms and quality of life. In the IC and pelvic pain courses offered at the national AUA conference, several supplements are often recommended to physicians to discuss and/or share with their patients.

Bladder Rest

Bladder Rest™ is an affordable “state of the art” natural formulation to support bladder health.  Using chondroitin and sodium hyaluronate, this Next Gen formula provides essential support to the bladder glycosaminoglycan layer. Quercetin and Rutin provide an anti-inflammatory effect. L-Arginine and L-Citrulline amino acids that are precursors to nitric oxide production, a substance that relaxes smooth muscles. Doctor Recommended, State-of-the-Art Next Generation Formula, Highest Quality Ingredients, No Artificial Ingredients or Fillers, Proudly Made In The USA, Women and Men Friendly, Most Heat Stable, and Manufactured in a GMP, Organic Facility.  Learn more!


Bladder Builder

BLADDER BUILDER™ is a “state of the art” next generation bladder health supplement that is made proudly in the USA with no ingredients sourced from China. A synergistic approach to bladder health, it blends 28 key ingredients to support the immune system, reduce mast cell activity, inhibit histamines, provide cellular and tissue support and, most importantly, provide pain support.†

BLADDER BUILDER™ is the first bladder supplement in the USA to contain palmitoylethanolamide.  PEA is a fatty acid involved in a variety of cellular functions in chronic pain and inflammation. It is believed to have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive (anti-pain) and anti-convulsant properties.

It supports gut health with a proprietary blend of bifidobacterium & lactobacillus. It also provides key minerals and vitamins (D3, K2, E, selenium, zinc, iodine, copper, calcium and magnesium) that work in tandem. The correct ratios of minerals and vitamins are essential.

To support the bladder’s GAG layer, it contains a proprietary blend of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCL and collagen.  It also contains a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, amino acids that are precursors to nitric oxide production, a substance that relaxes smooth muscles.  Learn More


The new reformulated version of CystoProtek was released in December 2019. It supports the GAG layer with chondroitin and hyaluronate. Quercetin provides an anti-histaminic effect. This supplement has a strong following of loyal patients. Learn more! 

Desert Harvest Aloe

Aloe is well known to be soothing to minor wounds and it is for this reason that Desert Harvest Aloe has a very faithful following. Some have found it quite soothing for a tender urinary tract. Desert Harvest has been active in the IC community for twenty years and has created a compelling line of aloe supplements, including: B Complex without B6 with Aloe, Calcium & Vitamin D with Aloe, Buffered Vitamin C with Aloe, Glucosamine/Chondroitin with Aloe, Quercetin with Aloe. Learn more!


acidprPrelief is the most widely recognized and popular supplement in IC circles. Developed by AkPharma, Inc. more than twenty years ago, this simple calcium supplement (calcium glycerophosphate) has helped thousands of patients eat a more balanced diet due to its acid reducing properties. Prelief is not suggested for patients who are prone to calcium based kidney stones. Learn more!

Cysto Renew

cystorenewDeveloped by Dr. Geo Espinosa, a urologist at NYU, Cysto Renew combines some of the most respected ingredients (i.e. quercetin, chondroitin) with compelling amino acids and herbs (l-arginine, l-citrulline, rhodiola rosea, etc.) designed to support healthy functioning of the urinary tract.
  It is manufactured by Douglas Laboratories. Learn more!


vitmrThe Low Acid MultiVitamin and Mineral complex was created for people who cannot tolerate vitamins due to acid sensitivity by using a less acidic form of vitamin c (calcium ascorbate) and calcium glycerophosphate. In the first release launched in Spring 2013, 1200 bottles were sold by the ICN with overall very good reviews. Some severe IC patients found it too too irritating for their tender bladders. On the other hand, mild to moderate patients appeared to tolerate it very well. Learn more!


 Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the ICN offer supplements?

The ICN only sold educational materials (books, videos, etc.) for years before it came to our attention that some doctors were promoting the use of a medical device (and surgery) as a first line therapy for IC. In fact, some patients weren’t even told about oral medications in favor of the more profitable surgical techniques. We were outraged. We believed that patients should be educated about the many treatment options available, including traditional and alternative therapies. Thankfully, the AUA not only agreed with our approach but implemented the same philosophy in their treatment guidelines.

How does the ICN select supplements?

We look first at the company selling the product and their focus on quality. We ask why the product was developed.  Are the ingredients known to help bladder symptoms? Is the pricing fair and affordable? We believe that the supplements that we carry today are the best on the market.

Do all doctors recommend the use of supplements?

With the AUA’s recommendation of neutraceuticals in their guidelines, far more physicians are comfortable suggesting OTC products. Almost every class on IC or pelvic pain at the AUA Annual meeting offers comprehensive discussions of available OTC supplements. Unfortunately, doctors who don’t attend the conferences or have not read the guidelines simply may not know that they exist. If your doctor is unaware of the AUA guidelines, you can print out a copy from our website which shares their position on supplement use.

Which one should you select?

Given the fact that IC patients often have very unique food sensitivities, begin first by reviewing the supplement ingredients on our website. If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, then move to a different supplement.  Ultimately, though, it’s just trial and error. What works for one patient may or may not work for another.

Are samples available?

No. Most companies suspended their sampling programs years ago. The only sample available is currently from Farr Laboratories and is part of their Introductory Offer.

Strategy for sensitive patients

People often have different tolerances to different ingredients. We suggest starting with one pill or capsule to determine if you tolerate it well. You can then try one pill a day for a week and, again, ask yourself “Do I feel good taking this supplement?” If yes, you can slowly increase to the manufacturers recommended dose. Please note, however, that some patients prefer taking smaller doses.

Side effects

In general, these supplements have very few side effects. Some patients may have pre-existing allergies or sensitivity to any of the ingredients and should avoid any products which contain them. Please carefully review the ingredients on our website to make your selection. Some patients report loose bowels or diarrhea with products containing olive fruit oil. The low acid vitamin might be too strong for patients with very sensitive, injured bladders. If you suffer any uncomfortable reactions, stop the supplement immediately. You may want to consider a different brand. Unfortunately, we simply can’t predict what will work for you! If you have any doubts about trying any supplement, please talk with your doctor first!


Supplements should not be exposed to heat, thus shipping in the hot summer time months is very difficult. Order enough in the Spring to avoid shipping in hot weather.

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