Blueberries are one of the safest fruits for IC patients. And mid to late summer is the perfect time to find fresh blueberries. While a bowl of blueberries is a delicious snack, there are lots of IC friendly blueberry recipes that can be a great way to enjoy the fruit as well. Go ahead and try these sweet and savory blueberry recipes without fear of a flare!

Breakfast foods

Blueberry recipes for breakfast abound.  Give some of these a try — your taste buds will thank you!

Savory blueberry recipes

Blueberries are sweet enough with some tartness to them as well. So, not all blueberry recipes have to be sweet. You can use blueberries to make savory foods as well.

Breads and muffins

In general, many breads are IC friendly, including those with blueberries in them.


The sweet side of blueberries can definitely come out to play with your taste buds with these delectable desserts!