To Our IC Mom’s – Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers who have lifted our spirits as we struggled with IC. Who drove us to the doctors, made IC friendly foods, paced outside our bedroom doors worrying. Who stood strong when we could not. Who stood beside us when others dared to criticize us. We say {{{THANK YOU}}} for being there. For your hugs, your support, your encouragement and your love. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Blogs, News & Announcements

If you haven’t been to our website recently, we’re adding a LOT more major content in the form of blogs and new sections of the website! Here are new additions of content and news for this week.

Feature Article The Unique Needs of Men With IC

Patient Story Men with IC/BPS Speak Out – Tom’s Story

Feature ArticleKetamine Cystitis – A Growing Public Health Crisis

New Pain Clinic Pelvic Health & Rehab Center Opens in LA

New Pain ClinicEchenberg Institute for Pelvic & Sexual Pain Launched in NYC

Chats & Conversations

"Liris Trial Patient Diary"

ICN member LouLou does an outstanding job reporting on her experience with the LiRIS clinical trial this year. She starts with her screening in January and, yesterday, shared the experience of having the device removed and her results so far! It’s four pages long so read through the pages to see her full diary! Read it here!

"Told I might have IC"

This possible new patient had a bad UTI, yet after treatment, her symptoms came back. She feels like she’s having cramps. Anyone relate? Words of hope to offer?? Read it here!

"Travelling with IC – how do you make it work"

Newly diagnosed patient worrying about travelling to Europe and the Middle East next Fall. She’s looking for advice! Read it here!

"Uncontrollable Cravings on Elavil"

An IC patient is struggling with sugar cravings after increasing her dose of Elavil. Anyone else? Have any tips to share?. Read it here!

"Just need to vent"

Patient shares her great frustration wtih two doctors who offer different diagnoses. One recommended surgery, the other said pelvic floor therapy could cure her discomfort. She wonders why urologists seem so insensitive whereas her cancer doctors always listen and offer comfort. Read it here!

Be Involved!

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IC Diet Project – To Bacon or Not To Bacon

Includes Carbonara Pasta With Bacon & Sausage Recipe

In the IC Diet Guidelines, fresh, organic meats are always recommended over preserved meats such as salami or bologna. Why? Because preserved meats usually contain a variety of chemicals and additives, such as sodium nitrite, that could irritate the bladder. But, what about bacon? Is "uncured" vs. "cured" bacon more IC friendly? It can be but there are some pros and cons.

All bacon products begin their processing with a bath in a very salty brine solution. The salt helps to remove moisture from the meat and creates a seal which helps to prevent spoilage. Popular "cured" products (i.e. such as Hormel bacon) are then also treated with a variety of chemicals and preservatives, such as sodium nitrite, to further improve their shelf life and prevent spoilage. "Uncured" bacon products, on the other hand, are treated only with natural ingredients, such as celery or sea salt.

Read the full article & find the Carbonara Pasta Recipe here!

Visit the IC Diet Project Website

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