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Download Your Flare Guide Here!

Thank you for joining the ICN Mailing List. As our gift to you, please take a moment and download the ICN Flare Management Guide.  In it, you’ll find descriptions of the different types of flares you can have, common flare triggers, how you can prevent flares and, of course, hour by hour rescue plans. Try to remember that flares can be very different. Bladder wall flares can be caused by a variety of triggers, such as drinking coffee or soda. They are treated very differently than pelvic floor flares that often happen during car rides or after intimacy. We hope that this guide gives you immediate, practical ideas to help you, today, gain control over your symptoms. You are definitely not alone! Download it here!

Empowering YOU in Your Fight Against IC

Jill Osborne

Jill Osborne MA – ICN Founder

(From Jill Osborne, ICN Founder) Every single day here on the IC Network, I want to lift your spirits and show you that there is hope. You see, I’m an IC patient too. I understand your frustration when searching for a compassionate doctor, anger when you are disrespected, sadness when IC prevents you from doing something that you wanted to do and frustration when a treatment is ineffective. But YOU CAN DO THIS! Many if not most IC patients do improve over time if not have their symptoms resolve completely. But, it begins with you! Your knowledge, your determination, and your willingness to try new things, break old habits and, well, you know exactly what I mean, right? You’ve got to be actively involved in your care!

If you are newly diagnosed, don’t be scared! Information is power! The more you learn about IC and try the self-help tips that work for many, the better control you’ll have! Always start on the very first page of our website, the home page! You’ll want to use the main navigation menu to navigate through the entire site. Then, read a section of our website a day, such as diet, treatments, flares, related conditions and so forth. Watch the Living With IC Videos. Hang out in the support forum. Attend on our new live support chats on Facebook (schedule to be announced in our newsletter)!

If you are an IC veteran and/or recently returned to the ICN after a flare, our site can help you too. Much if not most of the information that you learned about IC years ago is outdated! There are new subtypes, new treatment plans, new flare tips, new supplements and so much more! Be prepared to have your mind blown by all the new discoveries we’ve made about IC. It’s not just a bladder disease! Really!!

I personally curate all the educational information on our website. I’m very proud of our work over the past 25 years. In 2011, we were rated the top IC website in a research study conducted by Harvard Medical School. In 2013, the University of London (England) conducted a second study which also rated us the most accurate, reliable and credible website dedicated to IC. Of course, as you read and learn, you’ll want to do your own outside research and talk with your doctor. The ICN is a starting place. My goal is to empower you with solid information so that you can walk into your doctors office with your head held high and ready to engage in a productive and meaningful discussion about your treatments and care. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally. You can call me via the ICN Patient Support Line at: 800-928-7496!! I work with patients every day and welcome your call.

If you would rather read a book rather than an online document, I’d like to make a few suggestions! These books are the best on the market today for IC and pelvic pain!

Take Home Messages

#1 – IC is not your fault. You should not be carrying any shame, blame or guilt about your struggles with IC. Remember, we consider IC more of an injury or trauma to the pelvis and, thus, you’re really not different than someone who was hit by a car. You are hurt… and you deserve the kindness, love, support and compassion that you would offer to anyone that you loved who was also hurt. Remember, too, that IC does not change your heart, your soul, your ability to love your partner, your children and your friends. It does not change your ability to to be a mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, auntie, uncle or friend. You are a gift to everyone who knows you!

#2 – If you do find the ICN helpful, please consider helping us continue our work by becoming a member. Our memberships offer in-depth information and comprehensive information delivered through our magazine, the IC Optimist, and your personalized membership page! Memberships are also ideal for patients who are not comfortable with the internet and/or would prefer to have information mailed to your home.

IC Guardian Membership ($25)

A guardian is a person who cares for the welfare of others – Your $25 annual fee helps to bring support to patients who are homebound and/or lack access to a support group. You’re helping us to reach out to patients in need and of all ages. You are also helping to fund the ICN Patient Support phone line, the only resource in the country that patients can call and ask questions about their IC. This year long ICN Membership entitles you to:

  • Four new digital issues of the IC Optimist (Sent by email or downloaded from your Member Area)
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  • ICN Flare Management Guide* (You can already download this for free here!)
  • IC Fact Sheet series*
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IC Champion Membership ($50)

A champion is a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else. This membership helps us fund IC Awareness Month and create new educational books, articles and educational videos for the IC patient community, including the ICN Guide to Managing Flares, our ICN Diet List & Apps, the “Living With IC” video series, feature stories, self-help tips and so much more. We are incredibly proud that the IC Network has been rated the top website dedicated to IC by research studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School and the University of London. Your membership help us continue to meet these very high standards. The Champion membership entitles you to:

  • Four new issues of the IC Optimist sent by mail to your home
  • Guide to Managing IC Flares* (You can already download this for free here!)
  • Guide to Managing the IC Diet*
  • Eight back issues of the IC Optimist magazine*
  • IC Fact Sheet series*
  • ICN Medical Records File*
  • ICN Gift Pack

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IC Hero Membership ($100)

A hero is a person who shows courage and is a central figure in an event or movement. – Your $100 membership helps us look to the future of the IC movement, including collaborating with key IC/BPS researchers so that we can further the study of IC and chronic pelvic pain and the search for a cure. We aggressively support the clinical trial movement which can provide free cutting edge treatment to eligible patients. We conduct our own qualitative research surveys to help solve the many puzzles of IC. We share the latest IC research breakthroughs to the patient community. We explore how new technologies may improve patient care and quality of life, such as the IC Diet and upcoming Flare App. You’re not just helping us serve as patient guardians but you’re also helping us to champion the cause of IC patients such as IC Awareness Month. You are, simply, the heroes of the ICN. This includes:

  • Four new issues of the IC Optimist sent by mail to your home
  • ALL available back issues of the IC Optimist magazine*
  • IC Chef Cookbook*
  • Guide to Managing IC Flares* (You can already download this for free here!)
  • Guide to Managing the IC Diet*
  • IC Fact Sheet series*
  • ICN Medical Records File*

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*Immediately available for your download of our magazine & includes all updates during your membership period. 

How To Become A Member

(1) By phone: (800)928-7496 or (707)538-9442
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