zine0115-childI write to you with a request for help on behalf of a ten year old with IC who is struggling to find a physician. Her mother is seeking the names of urologists or pediatricians who are knowledgeable and experienced in treating young children with IC. She is also seeking stories, advice and ideas from other parents. Of course, I’ve offered many suggestions too but there’s no substitute for the wisdom of a parent who has gone through this before and, of course, an experienced doctor.

How you can help:

#1 – Could you please share the names (and city) of any urologists that you’ve worked with who are willing to work with children with IC??

#2 – Can you please share what bladder therapies AND pain care tips you have used for your child with IC?

#3 – Please share your child’s story with IC so that we can let other parents and children know that they are not alone.

Email your response to: childrenwithic@ic-network.org

I will be forwarding comments and suggestions to the parent of this ten year old AND I will compile them together for an article on our website to help other parents.

It is ironic that, in 2015, there is still no pediatric urologist in the USA who specializes in IC in children but I hope I’m wrong. If you’ve got some names, please share them!

Thank you for your help!

Jill Heidi Osborne MA
President & Founder
IC Network