The Late Spring/Early Summer 2019 Issue of the IC Optimist is jam packed with the latest information, news, research results and summer tips for patients living with interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain. In this issue, we explore the role of infection in some IC patients. We happily announce the 2018 medical care providers of the year. We share two new warnings about popular treatments used for IC: cystoprotek and anticholinergic medications. In celebration of Summer, we’ve also shared summer cookout ideas, summer survival tips, low acid salsas! Physical therapist Mary Ruth Velicki shares her holistic approach for treating IC. All current members can download it from their member page in the ICN Shop. It is currently in the process of being mailed via USPS to our Champion and Hero subscribers.

In this issue:

#1 – Editorial – The Great Debate: Is IC the Result of Infection?

Are you confused by all the discussions about infection and IC? You aren’t alone. From Dr. Paul Fuggazzoto to Dr. James Malone-Lee, there are compelling arguments being made about the potential role of bacteria in some patients.

#2 – Inside AUA 2019: IC/BPS Course Highlights

Stacey Shannon provides an in-depth review of the course taught on interstitial cystitis by Dr. Phil Hanno and colleagues.

#3 – Inside AUA 2019: The Latest Research

A review of all of the new IC and pelvic pain research presented during the largest conference of the year.

#4 – Bladder Endometriosis Can Mimic IC Symptoms

Do you struggle with painful periods? If yes, endometriosis should be ruled out as a potential cause of your bladder and pelvic pain. Endometriosis can not only attach to the bladder wall, it can become deeply embedded and even penetrate into the bladder itself.

#5 – Startup Seeks Funding For New IC Therapy

With oral Elmiron® now associated with macular disease, Dr. Eliot Lander has developed a new way of delivering Elmiron directly into the bladder which minimizes the risk of adverse events. They are now seeking additional funding to bring this therapy to market.

#6 – Inside ESSIC 2018

European IC researchers gathered late last year to share their latest insights into IC and pelvic pain.

#7 – Research Study Seeks Participants in Wisconsin

If you live in the state of Wisconsin or nearby areas, you may be eligible to participate in a new MAPP Research Network study!

#8 – 2018 Medical Care Providers of the Year

We are delighted to announce the winners for the 2018 MD of the Year, Nurse of the Year and Physical Therapist of the Year.

#9 – Consumer Alert: CystoProtek Cancer Warning

New bottles of CystoProtek have come with a startling new cancer warning due to the ingredient titanium dioxide. We share what happened and what new supplement you should consider instead.

#10 – Remarkable Patients With IC: Ashley Corby

We love patients who spread awareness about IC in new and unusual ways. Ashley Corby’s platform is comedy and she’s remarkably good! You go girl!

#11 – What You Need to Know About CBD Oil

Stacey Shannon shares an in-depth article about CBD Oil and how patients have used it to reduce their pain. There are clear pros and cons.

#12 – Ten Ways To Survive Summer Cookout Season

During the summer season, there’s no reason to avoid family gatherings and cookouts just because of your limited diet. Stacey shares some excellent tips so that you can not only fully participate but enjoy an IC friendly meal and event.

#13 – Self-Help Tip: Summer Survival Tips

From dehydration to medication safety, it’s important to be a bit more proactive during the hot summer season. Jill shares essential summer survival tips to help you get out and enjoy the sunshine and season!!

#14 – The IC Diet Project: It’s Salsa Time

Have you missed enjoying salsa during the summer?? It is possible to make low-acid salsa that is much more bladder friendly. Jill Osborne shares tips and some great recipes.

#15 – IC: A Holistic Perspective

Physical therapist Mary Ruth Velicki MS, DPT shares her approach to treating IC holistically.

Publisher: Interstitial Cystitis Network

Pages: 40

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