Support group leaders are often hidden heroes in the IC movement. Through their own struggles and suffering, these rare and special souls understand the importance of being there for those who share their journey. They understand that a simple conversation, an encouraging word and/or helping hand can change another life for the better. Cindy Sinclair was an outstanding IC advocate and leader for patients in Texas.

With a vivacious personality and bold spirit, she launched a Texas based non-profit organization (PURE-HOPE) to support patients who suffer with pelvic pain. She networked with clinicians, researchers and pharmaceutical companies with the goal of developing new events and conferences.  She also spoke with IC patients in need who benefited from her compassion and expertise. She had a remarkable heart of gold.

Cindy and I became friends years ago. The stresses and strains of running a patient organization aren’t easy and we, for many years, supported each other. We strategized about future events that we would like to see. We consoled each other over the many bureaucratic (and political) challenges we faced. We dreamt about new events that could help yet more patients.   She was one of the few people that I could share my challenges with and I so appreciated her wisdom and advice.

Cindy ran PURE-HOPE for about a decade before an injury made the work too challenging. Yet, she continued to offer phone support for years, even as her health was failing. With COVID and other life challenges, we hadn’t had the chance to speak much in the past few years but a month or so ago, she called to see how I was doing. We had a wonderful conversation. Right to the end, she showed just how much she cared for me, our collective work and for the patients still struggling with IC.

Cindy passed away earlier this month and we must honor the legacy that she has left behind.  A passionate and compassionate IC Angel, she will be missed. She leaves behind her husband Kim, her sons and grandchildren.  They have asked that donations be made to support IC research currently being performed at Baylor College by Dr. Christopher Smith, her urologist for many years. If you would like to make a donation, please visit this link.