Professional Resources

If you want educated, informed patients who can work diligently to improve their health and well-being, we can help. From outstanding patient education materials to CME’s that you can distribute to your staff, we offer a wide variety of resources that will build knowledge, improve quality of life and provide essential support opportunities. Since our founding, we’ve always believe that our most important job is to bring the patient and provider together.

Research Services

Are you conducting research? Looking for the opportunity to gather data from a large population of IC patients? The ICN has a long history of collaborating with researchers to develop data for various IC research studies. From clinical trial recruitment to collecting quantitative data in the ICN Survey Center, we believe that our job is to help advance the IC research movement! Learn more!

Professional Subscriptions

What do you, the medical professional, need to help you better serve your diverse and demanding population of IC/PBS/prostatitis patients? You need solid educational resources that can help you explain the basics about IC. We offer our professional subscribers outstanding patient education materials and patient referral services to all of our professional subscribers. Read more!

Find A Provider Listings

Since our founding, the ICN has always believed that our job was to bring the patient and the professional together. Our ICN Health Professional Database accomplishes this goal by directing patients to professionals in their area who have a strong interest in treating interstitial cystitis. If you would like to work with more urology and/or pelvic pain patients, you’ve come to the right place. Simply become an ICN Professional Subscriber and you’ll be on the most used list on the web!