prosironaInterstitial cystitis and endometriosis are collectively known as the “evil twins” for their frequent co-existence in many patients. In early 2013, I noticed that the Endometriosis Association was promoting an all natural product for pain relief to their membership. ProSirona is a simple, topical treatment developed to reduce pain, promote muscle relaxation and blood flow to the pelvis using a non-toxic oil derived from the marigold plant. Because it had a solid track record of success in the endometriosis community, I had to wonder if it might provide relief for interstitial cystitis and/or pelvic floor pain.

I provided free samples to a ten female volunteers with IC recruited through our Facebook page. (No men volunteered) Six completed their month long diary and returned their forms. 2/6 reported that their pain improved 50%. 2/6 reported that their pain improved 25%. 2/6 reported no improvement. No side effects were reported by any participant.

One patient wrote “The sensation I felt after applying ProSirona reminded me of the same feeling I have during acupuncture. Also, applying heat helped increase its effectiveness.” Another wrote “It helps with mild flareups but not moderate to severe flareups.”

One also reported that it helped tremendously with non-IC pain. One said “I used ProSirona on my knee before surgery and after. It helped about 90% in reducing knee inflammation and pain.”

When asked if we should tell other IC patients about it, they all said “Yes!” With their encouragement, we introduce this to the IC community with the hope that it MIGHT help reduce some of your discomfort. It’s affordable, has no reported side effects and, in our opinion, is an OTC option worth exploring! In the product description, you’ll find links to Frequently Asked Questions AND Instructions For Use directly from the manufacturer!

How does it work? ProSirona works by inhibiting or stopping the nerve impulse signals as they travel from one nerve to another. According to the Endometriosis Assn, this reduces pain signals sent to the brain thereby inducing relaxation. This then increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the area, providing even greater relief.

How is it applied? ProSirona comes in small glass bottles with a roll on applicator. After removing the cap, simply roll a generous amont directly onto the area of discomfort. For best results, the area should be clean and free of all skin care products, performs or other topical medications. Once ProSirona is applied, it will take a few minutes to take affect.

What is ProSirona made of? ProSirona is a blend of natural essential oils and mineral oil. The active ingredient is calendula oil in its purest form, which is extracted from marigold petals. It contains no animal products and no alcohol.

Read ProSirona Frequently Asked Questions
ProSirona Instructions For Use

The cost is $32.99 for a tube that should last approximately three months! Angel subscribers will, of course, receive their 15% membership subscription. Learn more and order here!