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September is the busiest month of the year for the IC community as we all work together to raise awareness for this condition. Would you believe that some patients are being told that IC is "all in their heads." Some women have had completely inappropriate hysterectomies only to discover, after the fact, that their pain was coming from their bladders. Children with IC are often denied care because some doctors believe that children can't feel bladder pain or have IC. Yes, really! This is exactly why we must unite one month a year to spread awareness about IC. world and we hope that you will join us in spreading the word that IC is real and treatable.Who better to tell the IC story than you, the IC patient! Please join us! - Jill O., ICN President


1. IBS & IC - New Information Center Launched

Did you know that more than 50% of IC patients also struggle with IBS? Yes, it's true and the connection is now clear.

To help IC'ers also struggling with IBS, we've launched a new IBS Information Center which you can find under the "Related Conditions" tab on our website. We discuss, indepth, the research, diagnosis and how IBS is currently treated!

If you're struggling, you'll find this new section and interesting read! Visit the ICN's IBS Information Center here!


2. September is IC Awareness Month -

IC Awareness Month on WBIR TV 10

Our gratitude to Robin at WBIR 10 (Knoxville TN) and Leslie Klein of Northshore Urology for doing a lovely television interview on interstitial cystitis, prostatitis and IC Awareness Month!A job well done! Thank you ladies and thanks to the station for giving IC some screen time. There's no doubt that you'll have helped patients with this interview today!

Please SHARE our IC Awareness InfoGraphics!

We've created a new infographic campaign that is getting very good reviews! Every graphic below is linked to the blog page where you can easily share on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more! Please help us educate others about IC today by sharing these images and pages!


IC Awareness Month Daily Fact #13





We're getting some fabulous entries for this years contests and we want more!!!

2014 Poster Contest

Becca's Butterfly IC Awareness Month EntryBring out your inner artist and create a poster for IC Awareness Month sharing your own interpretation of life with IC. Have you children make their own poster with your choice of medium: digital, watercolor, crayon, markers! Your choice! All posters will be added to our website and the winners will receive $100, $75 or $50 gift certificates from the ICN Shop! Learn more and see poster samples here!

2014 Timeline Contest

Last year, we had some fabulous entries and I know that this year will be even better. What we're looking for is an image, collage, drawing that shares your story of life with IC for use as a Facebook Timeline Image. All languages welcome! Learn more about see timeline image samples here!


IC Awareness Month Quick Links

1. OFFICIAL VIDEO - Watch our official video here!

2. SHARE OUR POSTER - Print out and share our official poster

3. FACEBOOK, TWEET, PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM IT UP! - Share the campaign website (, posters, 30 Daily Facts on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram pages! We also have Facebook Profile and Timeline pictures that you can use!

4. DARE THE PRESS TO COVER IC - Ask your local newspaper to do a story on IC and IC Awareness Month. Download the official press release here!

5. RADIO PSA's - Sample public service announcements

6. DONATE A BOOK TO YOUR LIBRARY - Click here for some book ideas!

7. START A SUPPORT GROUP - Learn how in the ICN Support Group Resource Center.

8. FACT SHEETS - Free downloads here!


The ICN Mail Order Center -

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IC Awareness Items


Awareness Pins

Awareness Bracelets

Car Magnets

The ProActive Patient: Managing IC & Related Conditions

Gaye & Andrew Sandler have released their first new book in a decade for men, women & children struggling with IC and its many related conditions. What sets this husband and wife team apart from so many other authors who have written about interstitial cystitis is their focus on patient comfort. In The Proactive Patient: Managing Interstitial Cystitis/ Bladder Pain Syndrome and the Related Conditions, they've created a comprehensive resource guide that will help patients, young and old, as they explore treatments, learn to manage their IC symptoms, reduce pain and enjoy intimacy again.

Click here to read our book review, see the Table of Contents or buy!

Back In Stock - MultiRight Low Acid Multivitamin

MultiRight Low Acid MultiVitamin We are pleased to announce that MultiRight, the low-acid pH balanced multivitamin is now back in stock. It was unavailable this Spring while the formula was adjusted to make it yet more bladder friendly. Now it's pH balanced, which means that it's pH neutral. What does that mean?? it's even LESS ACIDIC and MORE BLADDER FRIENDLY than most other vitamins on the market. If you've had flares from Centrum's and One A Day's, then you know exactly what we're talking about.

MultiRight has been tried by hundreds with sensitive bladders and most tolerated it well. The few that didn't appear to have more inflamed bladders, often with untreated Hunner's Ulcers. Unfortunately, we can't tell you if your bladder will tolerate it well. If, for example, you're in an IC flare or bladder is extremely sensitive to foods, you might want to try a half pill first and/or wait until your flare calms down.

As a dietary supplement, take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your physician. It is NOT formulated for use in children.

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