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This Week on the ICN! May 29, 2014

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Feature Article - Allergies, Hay Fever & IC

Got killer allergies this year? Is your IC unusually active and flaring? You can blame it on the "pollen vortex." As if winter's "polar vortex" wasn't bad enough, now many of the trees, grasses, weeds and molds are blooming simultaneously creating one of the worst allergy seasons on record. Both seasonal and food allergies are often found in patients with IC/BPS and, due to the presence of abundant mast cells in the bladder wall, it's well known that IC flares often intensify during seasonal allergy season. So, if you're having an extra rough year, this could be one reason why. Read the full article, with seven tips that can help here!



Self-Help - IC & Driving: Tips for Surviving Long Drives & Rides

If commuting or taking long car rides exacerbates your bladder or pelvic pain symptoms, you are not alone. The first epidemiological studies on IC found that 50% of patients reported pain and discomfort while sitting in a car. The vibration from bumpy roads, as well as constant starts and stops, are jarring to the bladder and pelvic floor muscles. Throw in restricted restroom access and/or the perception that a restroom might not be available, it's only natural that patients find rides stressful and unenjoyable. Fear not! Here are some strategies that can help. Read the full article here!


Blog - IC Strongly Associated with Vulvodynia, Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Chats & Conversations in the ICN Support Forum

"Klebsiella UTI"

ICN member Beachbum shares that s/he is struggling with a very difficult klebsiella infection, high fevers, repetitive positive bladder cultures despite negative test strip tests. She wonders if anyone else is struggling with the same type of infection! Read it here!

"Could Hydroxyzine be causing me to have a headache?"

This patient has been struggling with headaches and wonders if the hydroxyzine she's taking could be the cause. Anyone else have problems taking hydroxyzine? It's generally a well tolerated medication, particularly hydroxyzine pamoate (aka Vistaril) Read it here!

"how it all started.."

Karan, a new male IC patient from India, shares how his IC began after exposure to a creatine supplment. He believes that diet was a big contributing factor as to why he developed IC symptoms at the age of 20. Read it here!

"Mcdonalds, Arbys, Dairy Queen"

She's going to Yellowstone next month and needs ideas on what she can eat on the road. Any ideas? Read it here!

"Nothing To Eat"

One patient asks.. is it better to eat something that might irritate your bladder or should you not eat at all. What do you think?? Read it here!

"Cashew Butter Cookies"

ICN member Clevsea shares her bladder friendly recipe! Get it here!

"Period and IC flare up! Help!"

This ICN member is having a period three out of every four weeks in the month. She's asking if anyone else has struggled with this. Read it here!


Latest Research

The International Journal of Urology created a special issue of their magazine covering the entire proceedings of last years 3rd International Consultation on Interstitial Cystitis - A joint meeting of the Japan (ICICJ) and International Society for the Study of Bladder Pain Syndrome (ESSIC).

This is a one of a kind chance and opportunity to read about IC from leading experts in the world. The entire journal, including full text articles, is free on-line. We suggest that you read:

A Brief History of IC and painful bladder

This is the BEST discussion we've read on the complete history of IC, how it was discovered, how view points changed over the years, the debate about the names IC/BPS and so forth. Read it here!


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Fitness Sale in the ICN Shop -

Your Pace Yoga

1Yoga is a wonderful way to help calm the mind, slow down and help your body heal. A mindful practice, yoga is widely recommended for the treatment and management of many chronic muscular and joint pain conditions.

Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain was adapted for men and women with pelvic pain by Dustienne Miller, a licensed physical therapist at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in New York City. This video weaves together breath work, meditation, body awareness, and gentle yoga postures. This stress relieving program can be practiced in as little as twenty minutes, making it possible to fit into daily life.

Dustienne passionately believes in the integration of physical therapy and yoga in a holistic model of care, helping individuals navigate through pelvic pain and incontinence to reach a healthy and pain-free life. Buy Now

New Dawn Pilates For People with Pelvic Pain

1 Developed by a fellow IC'er, certified Pilates instructor and registered occupational therapist Jenny Lelwica Buttacio really delivers in her ground breaking DVD "New Dawn Pilates For People with Pelvic Pain." Created for patients struggling with pelvic pain disorders, this DVD is ideal for individuals who are seeking new, gentle exercises that will not flare their symptoms. Because many patients can't perform long, intense workouts, this DVD has shorter segments which allows patients to personalize their workout according to their capabilities.

In addition to a 47 minute complete workout, it also offers targeted workouts for warming up, arms, abs, back and legs. Thus you can create your own workout based upon your unique needs that can last from 7 to 45 minutes!!! The bonus workout, the Rough Day Revitalizer, is a great way to relax after a long, difficult day.

Buy Now


Healing Pelvic & Abdominal Pain

1Author of Heal Pelvic Pain, Amy Stein has outdone herself in her new, well informed and thoughtful DVD Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain. Ideal for IC/PBS, IBS, Vulvodynia, Prostatitis, Pudendal Neuralgia as well as other pelvic floor dysfunctions. This DVD seeks to provide solid pelvic floor and function education for the viewer while offering easy to follow relaxation, self-care strategies, massage and stretching techniques useful in the treatment and management of symptoms related to various pelvic dysfunction conditions.

Amy Stein DPT, BCB-PMD, is considered a leading expert and helps sufferers manage their symptoms as a practitioner at the renowned Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in New York.

Buy Now

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