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ICN Happy News! - April 12, 2013

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Introducing MultiRight, a new "Low Acid" Multivitamin Formula

How did it begin?

Like so many other IC'ersICN Founder Jill Osborne is very sensitive to strongly acidic foods, including coffees, green teas, sodas and, of course, the dreaded cranberry juice. Multivitamins are especially challenging. She wrote I haven't been able to take an adult multivitamin for the past twenty years without triggering an IC flare. My sensitive bladder simply can't tolerate high levels of Vitamin C.

Last year, she asked the executive team at Farr Labs, LLC (makers of the new CystaMD, CystaQ, ProstaQ and Q-Urol) if they could develop a more bladder friendly, low acid vitamin and, after substantial research, their answer was "yes."  The MultiRight Multivitamin Complex Low Acid Formula is the result and we're thrilled to pass this news along to our members.

What makes it low acid?

Farr's development team selected ingredients based upon their pH levels rather than cost. The most acidic ingredient, Vitamin C, is derived from calcium ascorbate rather than citrus derived ascorbic acid, a well known trigger for our tender bladders. They've also used other natural acid neutralizing ingredients (calcium glycerophosphate and sodium bicarbonate) to further reduce acid levels. The end result is the first complete multivitamin & multimineral daily complex that contains less acid, thus reducing the chance of exacerbating bladder and/or stomach irritation.

We can't guarantee that it will work for everyone but, of all the multivitamins on the market today, we think this will be the most bladder friendly!

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