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Sonoma County Fire Storm: We're back and open for business after a two week evacuation!!


(From Jill Heidi Osborne, ICN Founder) If you've followed the IC Network's Facebook & Twitter channels, you know that we were evacuated twice for the devastating fires that occurred in Santa Rosa, California. There are no words to express how we are all feeling after what we have been through. So many have suffered tremendous loss. And now we struggle to find a way to look ahead. Thankfully, none of our employees lost their homes but it was very close. My house had four fires burning in three directions that first night, two of which came within a mile.



Our community has suffered catastrophic damage. More than six thousand structures burned, most residential homes. In fact, our city lost 5% of its total housing capacity the first night of the fire as 85 mile per hour winds drove the TUBB’s fire through much of northern Santa Rosa (Mark West, Fountaingrove, Larkfield, Coffee Park, etc.) The NUNN’s fire devasted much of the Sonoma Valley (Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Sonoma, etc.) It is difficult to sleep. We have tens of thousands struggling with PTSD now, myself included. (Click here for pictures from CalFire.)

Thankfully, the conditions have improved. The skies are finally blue. They are slowly letting families back into their neighborhoods to sift through the ashes and look for lost pets. :::sigh::: The National Guard and hundreds of other fire departments from the Western United States and even Australia are at work, including a Montana strike crew that was on our street when we returned home. They hope that the fires will be contained by Friday of this week.

We are all traumatized. I had to evacuate and move three people (95 year old father and an 88 year old mother) four times in the past two weeks, the second occurring at 4:30AM when the police drove through our neighborhood with sirens on and loudspeakers telling us to evacuate immediately. When we looked outside, we could see bright red flames approaching from the east this time. I think we will all remember the fires of 2017 - an indelible memory of grief and survival.

I apologize to everyone who tried to contact our office but was met with unanswered phones. Without power and/or internet, we simply couldn’t answer calls, access those messages, etc. etc. In fact, many cell phone towers burned and even land lines were unpredictable.

Thank you for your patience and we also appreciate the concern and interest that many have expressed in reaching out to check on the ICN. Together we stand as a community #SonomaStrong #SantaRosaStrong


  • To the thousands of first responders who saved our home: firefighters, police, National Guard, animal services who are our angels.
  • I would like to thank Heather Brown, our newest ICN Shop employee, who came to work to our warehouse everyday and literally kept the orders going out the door. She, too, had to evacuate but still came to work. AMAZING!
  • Thanks to Janice and Brian Schmidt, my sister and brother in law, who offered us sanctuary and took my frantic phone calls as we tried to decide what to do and where to go.
  • Thanks to the many people who offered us shelter, family members and friends who reached out. I know that you were very scared when you couldn’t reach us. We were running for our lives at one point.
  • To the staff at Kings Nursery who took my monarch butterfly caterpillars when I couldn’t get back to my house to pick more milkweed. They were wonderful!



We are hearing some wonderful survival stories including this family who found their dog Izzy after their home burned! It also shows some of the fire damage and issues that we were dealing with a week ago. Here's the original video of Izzy's rescue too!


With gratitude! – Jill O.


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