The most popular and some would argue effective bladder instillation treatment on the market today for interstitial cystitis is heparin and lidocaine. Heparin acts as a soothing bladder coating while lidocaine numbs the nerves in the bladder wall. As a result, many patients walk out of their urologists office feeling dramatically better. Granted, it may only last a few hours but research studies have shown that the consistent use of heparin lidocaine instillations can improve interstitial cystitis symptoms over the long term.(1,2,3,4)

Imprimis PharmaceuticalsImprimis Pharmaceuticals, a US based pharmaceutical company focused on the development of proprietary compounded drug formulations, announced today that they have acquired the exclusive distribution rights of “Hep-Lido-A,” previously known as Vesicyst or the Parsons IC Solution. Read their press release here!

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals brings a fresh new perspective to the IC community and a genuine desire to educate medical care providers and patients as is evidenced by their innovative new Defeat IC campaign.

It’s important for the patient community to understand the vital role that pharmaceutical companies play in IC educational and outreach efforts. Fifteen years ago, Alza Pharmaceuticals launched an Elmiron and an IC educational campaign that reached thousands of medical professionals. Their marketing, sponsorship of conferences, CME classes and courses and, of course, patient activities played the dominant role in IC patients being recognized and diagnosed. Unfortunately, those marketing efforts were suspended years ago. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is the first company in a decade to tackle this challenging medical condition and for that we are tremendously grateful for their interest and outreach.

Mark L. Baum, CEO of Imprimis Pharmaceuticals stated “In 2014, physicians wrote more than 80,000 prescriptions of Hep-Lido-A, generating an estimated $5.5 million in sales… Our focus going forward is to continue to serve the existing Hep-Lido-A prescribers and patients, and importantly to share their experiences with new prescribers and their patients in order to significantly grow this business. We have a positive and uplifting message we intend to share with new patients who are suffering with IC.”

Patients who have been or are currently receiving the Parson’s IC Solution or Vesicyst from other compounding pharmacies will be transitioned to an Imprimis Pharmacy over the next 90 days. For additional information, please visit the Defeat IC website or send an email to:


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