BladderTracker™ is a new application designed for patients struggling with interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder and other urinary disorders. Far more than a voiding diary, this free application developed by the Interstitial Cystitis Network and Natural Approach Nutrition allows patients to track their symptoms, pain levels, sleep quality, diet, hydration, exercise level and even intimacy. Our goal? To help patients determine their symptom (“flare”) triggers. Better yet, the data can be printed out in a report which can then be shared with your physician and/or placed in your medical records to track your symptoms over time and, if needed, provide evidence that can support disability applications.

Eleven key data points can be collected in a very simple, color based format that allows patients to easily record their symptoms. The time and day are automatically added with the app, significantly reducing the burden of creating a voiding diary.

  • Overall Wellness – The app asks you with every entry, how are you feeling? Good, Avg, Bad? This will help patients see if their symptoms change throughout the day.
  • Urination – At every void, the app asks you if you have pain before and/or after urination, the strength of your stream and if it woke you up at night. Just leave your phone on your bathroom counter and log your symptoms in seconds.
  • Stress – Stress levels certainly influence pain and other urinary symptoms. This two second question just asks you what your stress level is so that you can see, over time, how your symptoms change during stressful periods.
  • Pain Level – When you have a “hidden” urinary disease, it can be difficult to describe your pain levels and, more importantly, convince your doctor that you are in genuine pain. In just seconds, you can easily log your pain levels throughout the day and/or night.
  • Supplements – The American Urology Association encourages patients to try OTC supplements in their IC and OAB treatment guidelines. The key question? Are they reducing your symptoms? You can easily log any supplements or therapies that you are trying.
  • Diet – If you’re a veteran patient, you know that certain foods can and will irritate the urinary tract, such as: coffee, tea, soda, cranberry juice, citrus juices and tomato products. But many patients are struggling to find the other foods. This app allows you to record what you are eating so that you can make easy and direct correlations between foods, pain and an increase in your symptoms.
  • Hydration – Drinking water is essential to our urinary health. It dilutes the irritants often found in urine, thereby making it a bit less irritating. Yet, many patients stop drinking water under the mistaken assumption that this is worsening their symptoms. This app allows you to record your water intake in just a second.
  • Exercise –One of the hardest things for patients with urinary symptoms to commit to is exercising unless, of course, there is a nearby restroom. Every step counts. This app asks you how long you’ve worked out and how hard you worked out. The goal? To prove that the more you move, the better the chance that your body will produce natural endorphins to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Sleep – So, how did you sleep last night? Having trouble showing your doctor just how much your sleep is disrupted? This app asks you, daily, how many hours you sleep each night.
  • Sexual Activity – No, no one is asking for specifics here. It simple asks if you were sexually active today which, again, is valuable information that you can track and share with your doctor to show you how your symptoms are affecting your life.
  • Notes – You can also use the app like a diary, recording any additional notes or thoughts you might have about your health.

Use BladderTracker™ to  monitor your progress and health over time. It will provide critical baseline data that will help you determine if you are improving or worsening as you try various self-help strategies, therapies. Our goal is to give you as close to an objective tool to measure your health and then, armed with the data, show your doctors what you need.

Reports can be generated every thirty days and then exported to a pdf file which you can then email to yourself for printing purposes.

Please note that this is a free resource provided and because the app is so comprehensive, we would appreciate any and all feedback. What parts could be better? What should we eliminate? Please let us know. Please send your feedback to:

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