Suggested Meeting Topics & Guest Speakers For Your Support Group

Sample Meeting Topics

There are so many topics that you can cover in a meeting and the best people to ask is, of course, your members. At the end of each support group meeting, take a quick poll on what they’d like to have covered. Here are some sample topics:

  • pain management
  • IC treatments
  • alternative strategies
  • best self-help strategies
  • diet and IC (with IC safe recipes to try)
  • how to work with your doctor more effectively
  • IC and your family
  • relationships, intimacy and IC
  • pelvic floor dysfunction & physical therapy
  • IBS, vulvodynia and other related conditions
  • spouse support
  • anger management
  • relaxation and visualization (mindfulness)
  • disability insurance (state versus national insurance), applications & appeals

Quick Fillers? Show YouTube IC Videos or Watch DVD’s

The ICN has more than two dozen videos that you can show provided you have access to the internet. These are great conversation starters for any meeting. You can also preview some of the new DVD’s available on Exercise, Relaxation and so forth.

Guest Speakers

We’ve found it very easy to find local guest speakers, particularly psychologists who help with coping and communication issues, nurses and the occasional physician. Another excellent resource for speakers are your fellow support group leaders from other disease related groups (i.e. Sjogrens, Lupus, Pain Mgt., Anxiety, etc. etc.).

Don’t forget that you can skype with guest speakers. I usually speak with several support groups throughout the year as a guest through skype. It’s quick, easy, and quite funny at times. I’m more than happy to help and speak. My only caveat is that we have to set up the technology and practice ahead of time as there is nothing worse than having a group of people watching you fumble as you try to enter passwords. Easy peasie! Call me at: (707) 538 9442 or email jill@ic-network to schedule an event.

Author: Jill Osborne
Revised: 1/21/17