Every clinical trial represents hope..
hope that new treatments are under development,
that researchers are aggressively trying to solve the mysteries of IC and pelvic pain..
and, for some patients, the opportunity to receive treatments that they might never be able to afford.

Jill Osborne, ICN President

Successful Clinical Trial Campaign Strategies

The IC Network provides clinical trial recruitment services for studies related to interstitial cystitis, bladder pain, frequency, urgency, hunner’s ulcers, pelvic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, vulvodynia, prostatitis, prostatodynia and other related conditions. In general, the studies that we promote have IRB approval, are listed on clinical trials.gov and have no cost for participating patients.

Most campaigns begin with a custom e-mail announcement, usually based upon IRB approved marketing materials. We can also easily adapt information from listings at clinicaltrials.gov. Included with every email is a social networking splash campaign that delivers your messages to thousands of more patients with a strong motivation to participate. The most successful campaigns include blast emails to our membership, social networking campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and, of course, posts and pages on our website. While a single e-mail may fill a small study, larger campaigns generally use larger, quarterly campaigns that blend both e-mail blasts with web and print advertising in the IC Optimist magazine.

Most campaigns contain:

  • An introductory custom e-mail, with monthly or quarterly reminders
  • Weekly social networking announcements
  • Advertisements on patient centric locations: Facebook, ICN Support Forum & ICN Clinical Trial Center for the duration of the study
  • Custom pinnable images, often created by our own staff.

Substantial discounts are provided for comprehensive campaigns.

1. Custom E-mail Announcements:

The ICN has more than 26,000 patients who have signed up to receive our e-newsletter and special blast editions. We have never failed to meet a recruitment goal for our clients in part because our members understand the value of clinical trials. Some geotargeting is available for USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Africa. Cost – $1750 per mailing.

  • Announcements should combine text with imagery, including a corporate logo
  • Announcements should include a picture of your target market or age group. The ICN maintains a large archive of images.
  • Images should be pinterest friendly to support easy of sharing through our social networking outlets
  • Text should contain inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Text should include a call to action, including both links and a phone number for those who lack interest access
  • Text should clearly identify location and study centers
  • Text should include a link to the appropriate listing on clinicaltrials.gov

Sample E-blasts

2. ICN Website Campaigns:

a2p0114-300bPlace banner advertisements on our website (ICN Clinical Trial Center, ICN Support Forum, front page) and ICN Facebook Page*, ideal for extended marketing campaigns (4 weeks or longer). Bring your own banners or we’ll be happy to create a custom one for you! Size constraints apply. Note, as of May 1, 2014, Facebook may be eliminating the button features currently used for advertising on business pages. Cost – $500/month.

3. Social Networking Campaigns:

Broadcast your study through our social networking channels, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. Cost – $250/per notice or $500/month for Facebook Button Advertising

Facebook presents a unique challenge in that you can certainly reach a large population of patients however posts rapidly cycle through the system and are usually out of view within a few days. The ICN offers image/button advertising at the top of the IC Network Facebook page that can click through to the study website or screening survey.

Facebook Button


Facebook Posting


Twitter Posting


4. ICN E-Newsletters:

Include an announcement of your study in the ICN E-Newsletter series. Cost – $700/month


5. Pricing & Additional Information:

Please e-mail (clinicaltrials@ic-network.com) or phone (707.538.9442) with your campaign strategies and goals.

Not sure how to proceed? Would you like to schedule a campaign? Need a customized quote?? Download our advertising/sponsorship guidelines here! Or you can call our office and ask to speak with Jill Osborne! (707)538-9442.