pin-preapprovalWhen patients are advised to do a medical procedure and/or a surgical procedure such as Interstim, getting a clear idea of the cost is challenging. The reality is that patients struggling with severe IC are often desperate and willing to try just about anything. But, do you really know the cost that that procedure might incur?

One patient was shocked to receive a bill for $66,000 for the device even after she was assured by that it would be covered by insurance by her doctors office, the hospital and her health insurance company. Had she known, she would never have agreed to have the surgery because she simply can’t afford it.

This got us thinking. Has anyone really attempted to collect the actual costs incurred for Interstim® therapy in the USA, both short and long term? We thought we’d try because new IC patients need to know the potential costs of a treatment that could require multiple surgeries.

We’ve created a survey that asks Interstim® patients to share their experiences and costs. We’re interested in learning about:

  • the costs of a trial implant
  • the costs of undergoing a permanent implant
  • the costs of reprogramming
  • the costs of device removal

Was it covered by your insurance? How much did you pay out of pocket? Was it more than you expected? Were you told that it was covered only to discover, after the fact, that it was not?

We would also be interested in seeing actual bills (with your name and identifying information removed) so that we can provide examples to patients so that they have an accurate understanding of what they are getting in to financially. YOu can remove all identifying information from bills before you share them with us.

No personal information will be shared nor do you need to give us exact figures. We’re just looking for your best estimates. At the end of the survey, we will ask for your state so that we can look at any regional trends.

This is the biggest survey we’ve done but by participating, you could really help another IC patient understand the financial risks. Take The Survey Here!