Hi! This is gonna be a long post to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with IC Seronegative RA in May of 2017. I am a 56yo female. Mostly I want to talk to people who experience RA symptoms and/or Factor V Leiden mutation, MTFHR mutation homozygous, Hashimoto's, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, Gastritis and/or Raynauds disease.

Here's the IC history:
Had urinary reflux surgery age 6 or 7,
then had an episode in high school and in my 20's. The symptoms are different than now. Back then I would feel like I couldn't empty my bladder and I had to rush to the bathroom. I guess I had pressure too but it was more urgency and even a little incontinence. Fast forward to age 30. Had symptoms and the doctor immediately did bladder hydrodistension surgery and that resolved the IC for 26 years. For this episode that began November 2016, I saw 1st urologist early 2017. Did regular cystoscopy without sedation and was horribly painful. Showed inflammation. Referred me within the practice to an expert on IC. I have 3 bladder instillations that did not help. The Dr wanted me to take a ton of different medications starting all at once which I refused to do because then I would have no idea what was helping me! A so standard has been what has always helped me the most. I tried them one at a time and nothing was helping. I waited until August of 2017 to start Elmiron due to the cost and
not very promising effectiveness from studies. I am still taking it but doubtful it will help. Doctor wanted me to stay on it for a solid year and the compounded version for year is about $14,000. So I'm on month 5 I think.

Also have a history of psoriasis from childhood and 20's and thirties that just appeared in the past month.The Hashimoto's and Raynauds haven't been obvious till very recently. Looking back I had symptoms off and on for the past 10 years. Have a history of Factor 5 Leiden found after a blood clot and pulmonary embolism 20 years ago.
Recent colonoscopy and endoscopy revealed chronic stomach inflammation/ gastritis as well as a precancerous polyp and a couple of other polyps. Have dealt with constipation for many years. Same result almost 3 yrs ago on last colonoscopy/ endoscopy.

To complicate matters, due to the Factor 5 Leiden have been told by different gynos repeatedly that I could not take hormones for the 10 years I've been in menopause. I understand that may be playing a role too. HPV showed back up in my blood recently so had a colposcopy. Showed inflammation of the cervix.

Since 2008 have had two knee replacements and hand surgeries on both hands for carpal tunnel and thumb joint deterioration. Last surgery was cervical fusion in 2013 for 20 years of neck pain. Still have pain up higher in the neck.

Up until 2017, all of the arthritis was labeled osteoarthritis. Started suspecting in 2011 with the 1st hand surgeries but didn't see a rheumatologist until 2013 and no diagnosis was clear at that time. Very much in my family so wasn't surprising to me. I just learned my grandfather had are RA or PA. I think my mother may have had it and not known it. Just had MRI of the neck and found two large nodules indicating Hashimotos after thyroid blood testing.

Basically every single condition I've dealt with all seemed to be related and are all inflammatory problems.
For the vitamin B deficiency found in 2017 also, the uro-gynecologist prescribed a 1000 mcg of folate supplement. After a week it caused a bladder flare and I stopped taking it. That was a couple of months ago.

When I followed up with that doctor she said we need to check your Homocysteine levels to see if you really have to have the supplement. It was super elevated (19) When the upper limit is supposed to be 10. I am seeing a hematologist next week upon the uro-gynecologist's recommendation.. Had not seen a hematologist since 2008 when I was taken off blood thinners because they figured it was safe at that time. Just took baby aspirin every night since 2008 upon last hematologist's recommendation. So obviously I have a lot going on and the pieces are starting to come together. After trying the IC diet and it not helping I'm on an Anti-inflammatory diet now as recommended by the urogynecologist also. She is also a functional medicine practitioner. If you have taken the time to read all this I appreciate any feedback or help you might give me! I am really wondering now since my IC seems to be an auto immune response whether Elmiron is worth continuing. I'll be talking to both doctors in the next 2 weeks about it though.

Current Meds:
AZO STANDARD q 5 hours
Pantoprazole 40mg daily
Amlodipine besylate 5mg ( high BP dx 2017)
Plaquenil 200mg since May 2017
Buproprion at 150 bid
Baby aspirin 1 a day
Vitamin D 1.25 mgs, 50,000 IU?
Valium suppositories 10mg daily
Renew life Ultimate Flora probiotic